OPINION: Community theatre a breath of fresh air in central Alberta

OPINION: Community theatre a breath of fresh air in central Alberta

Seeing Bashaw’s and Ponoka’s winter plays is an artistic inspiration

There is much in terms of inspiration coming out of community plays in central Alberta.

It’s like a breath of fresh air that will open up your eyes to creative potentials. Covering the Bashaw Community Theatre (and Majestic Theatre) and the Klaglahachie Fine Arts Society (KFAS) performances are one of the best parts of being a community reporter.

Community theatre brings arts and culture to rural towns for a reasonable price, and best of all, it’s incredible quality. The type of work coming out of these two little communities must be recognized.

Bashaw Community Theatre’s production of Little Women just concluded its first weekend of production (Nov. 16 to 18) and it’s difficult to find a ticket. Hosted at the Bashaw United Church, the crew and actors have managed to bring to life Allan Knee’s story.

With solid production numbers, choreography and incredible acting, this group of actors from rural communities show they could hold their own on a big city stage; anywhere, anytime.

Harmonizing their way through the story, the actors make one feel strongly in tune with the characters they play and just like that, the audience is invested. Take in the play if you can, there are two weekends left.

For KFAS, Suds, The Rocking 60s Musical Soap Opera, is a new production with a small cast who have put their hearts, and muscles, into the play and set.

KFAS perhaps describes the play best: “A love triangle, secret agent in disguise, and even a guy named Fidel from Cuba ensues in this rock and roll musical comedy, good clean fun for the whole family.”

What more needs to be said for a show that brings some of everyone’s favourite songs from the 1960s to the stage. Behind the scenes of Suds are a committed group of actors who have provided creative input into the whole process.

It’s reasons like this that make me glad I live in a small, rural community so close to such wonderful productions. With the world so full of uncertainty and easy distractions, it’s an extreme joy to sit down, put the work and the phone away and take in such amazing art.

Arts and culture is alive and well in rural Alberta and it’s an indication that despite the struggling times in the world, there are folks out there working hard and bringing joy to others.

Folks, if possible, take in one of the many community plays in central Alberta, you may just come out happier for it.


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