OPINION: MP Blaine Calkins says Liberals soft on crime

OPINION: MP Blaine Calkins says Liberals soft on crime

Blaine Calkins, Member of Parliament for Red Deer – Lacombe issued the following statement May 29 regarding the passage of C-71.

“I share in the frustration with my fellow 2.1 million law abiding citizens across Canada that now have to deal with more red tape and ineffective regulations because the Trudeau Liberals are more interested in the optics of solving a problem rather than focusing on criminal behaviour. I know we are not the problem” said Calkins. “This Liberal government has proven time and time again that they are soft on crime, and don’t prioritize the safety of Canadians.”

With C-71, the Liberals doubled down by going after law-abiding firearms owners while doing nothing to make communities safer or reduce gun violence. Instead of burdening target shooters who want to take their handgun for repair at the gunsmith, the Liberals ought to focus on criminals and those who buy/smuggle guns for criminal intent. C-71 fails miserably on this. Now they are proposing a blanket AR-15 ban which will do nothing to curb gun violence and will instead only make criminals out of law-abiding firearms owners.

With the passage of Bill C-71, un-elected bureaucrats will now have no Parliamentary oversight and can reclassify any firearm they wish with the stroke of a pen. This is not how democracy works. In addition, everyone buying or selling a firearm will need to ask the un-elected bureaucrats to provide them with a reference number, that will be kept in a database. Make no mistakes, this is a back-door registry.

“I would like to thank all Canadians that spoke out against this ineffective and misplaced legislation” said Calkins “We heard your message loud and clear, and worked hard to implement your suggested positive changes to this bill that respected law abiding firearms users while making our community safer. Unfortunately, the Liberals were not interested in listening to common sense and shut us down at both the House of Commons committee, and the Senate committee.

“Our Leader, Andrew Scheer, has committed to repeal C-71 after a Conservative government is elected in the fall. I would like to thank him for listening to all law-abiding citizens.” said Calkins. “It is shameful that these Liberals are ganging up on law abiding gun owners, and giving up on gangs.”

– Submitted by the office of Blaine Calkins