Pipestone Flyer Reporter Shaela Dansereau

Pipestone Flyer Reporter Shaela Dansereau

Our First Responders shouldn’t have to apologize for doing their job

There are plenty of heartwarming stories circulating right now about how sometimes a pandemic brings out the best in us: From generous gestures of giving to spreading sentiments of support and positivity throughout the community.

However, this pandemic has also brought out the worst in some of us. Earlier this week the Millet Fire Department released a statement regarding their safety practices during COVID-19. Seems pretty simple, a fire department showing transparency in the everyday health practices we should all be taking.

Instead of a general health statement however, they released a statement to explain their actions. As it turns out, some community members are upset that they are gathering in the fire hall on occasion.

The Millet Fire Department’s statement explains that despite rescheduling as many meetings and training nights as possible—they are still needed.

Because of their efforts to reduce contact within the fire hall, they pushed back essential equipment fittings, such as medical masks and the necessities for fighting grassfires. Luckily, the department was fitted with the appropriate equipment in time before they had to respond to two separate grassfires on May 2, which totaled more than eight hours of work.

These VOLUNTEER firefighters put themselves on the front line every day to respond to accidents, fires and more—helping ensure that our community is safe.

They are certainly not putting themselves on the front line of the pandemic for the sake of their families, friends and loved ones; but rather for the community and its surrounding residents.

When they come back from these calls they are required to thoroughly clean their equipment, from their turnout gear to their fire-trucks. As first responders they know how to take the proper precautions when it comes to disinfection and protocols for social distancing.

Our first responders should not have to apologize for doing their job. Our first responders should not have to explain themselves for going out and helping people. Our first responders deserve better than your petty complaints.


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