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PCs preparing for tax grab

When Premier Alison Redford’s top advisor starts talking taxes, it’s a good idea to listen closely.

When Premier Alison Redford’s top advisor starts talking taxes, it’s a good idea to listen closely.

New taxes and tax hikes are the last things Albertans need. More taxes would not solve the main problem with Alberta’s finances. That’s because Alberta doesn’t have a revenue problem. The problem isn’t revenue — it’s the mismanagement and incompetence of the PC government.

It’s Premier Redford and her out-of-control spending that’s caused Alberta to go back into debt and to run (at least) a $3 billion deficit this year.

That’s not the Alberta way.

The Wildrose Official Opposition will continue to oppose poor fiscal stewardship and the PC plan to impose higher taxes on hardworking Alberta families.

The Premier’s office has made its intentions clear — instead of spending responsibly, they just want more money to spend.

For the PC government, they will stop at nothing to keep the gravy train rolling and the perks coming in for members of the “government family.” They remain unwilling to take the necessary steps to fix the fiscal mess they put us in. That is the major challenge facing the province’s pocketbook.

If there’s one thing Albertans can count on, it’s that as long as the government continues to overspend, overtax and mismanage our finances, the Official Opposition will be there to stand up for low taxes and strong fiscal management.

On a local note, January and February will see me available for constituent meeting. I will be available to assist you with your concerns. Also, I will be attending the Manning Centre opening in Calgary, meeting schools groups at the legislature in Edmonton for school tours, meeting with Lacombe city council and attending the grand opening of Royal Oak Manor in Lacombe.

If there are any other events happening within the constituency, please feel free to call and I will make every attempt to attend. March 5 will see the beginning of the spring session in the Alberta Legislature and although the government has seen fit to have this as another shortened session, I will be there to represent the interests of this constituency.

As your MLA for Lacombe-Ponoka, I look forward to hearing your concerns about taxes or any other matter. Please feel free to contact me at my office: #101 4982 46 Street, Lacombe AB. Phone 403 782 7725 or email