Poem from a Ponoka News reader about searching

Ponoka News' reader writes in poem about searching and the turmoil in the world.

My Search

As I scroll through Facebook I read about all the hate in the world. It is upsetting that the world has turned on its ear with the turmoil led by our leaders. I am confused about refugees who are coming into our airports and unto shores of other nations. We seem to see unrest everywhere with problems no one can seem to handle.

Mass hysteria is hitting the population. There are demonstrations for every reason that man has created.

I wish I had a super power to quell all of this confusion. Has God left us to our own little disabilities? I can only pray that in this darkness of time that there is someone who can come and settle it all.

Let people go back to their own homelands. Let children be raised by their parents. Let riots stop. Let leaders be leaders. Let media tell the truth. Let us put away guns and bombs. Let joy and contentment hit the hearts of all of us. Let us be thankful for what we have.

As writers and readers can we encourage the world to learn to live together without slander and negative thinking?

There must be a miracle someone out there who can stop all the unrest of the world today. You are worth it and so am I.

Edith Kane