Poem: Ponoka News reader sends in a poem

Poem: Ponoka News reader sends in a poem

Looking at life and the pendulum of young versus old

Living On the Cusp

By Edith Kane

As the pendulum swings so do we

Teenagers hang on for dear life

As the elderly do the same.

In the early years young people hang on the edge of

“who am I?”

In later years old people hand on the edge of

“what was I?”

Surprises come at you day by day

A prom date or an old age pension chequeTake

your pick.

Challenges and choices face a slick young chick

A date on the town, new school sweater and runners.

To the elderly a ride in the handicap van

A new wheelchair and slippers are fair game.

Up the hill or down the hill

Is a thrill from side to side.

Help a homeless old man or a mixed up teen

Listen to your heart;

Realize they are hanging on

Ever so dearly to what they have known.

Make their paths smoother and gentler to tread

One is going out – the other has just begun

Show and shine for those ho you can.