POEM: Simply put, I drink coffee black

POEM: Simply put, I drink coffee black

A Ponoka News reader penned this poem about drinking coffee, enjoy.

By Markus Skovsgaard

Simply put simply, I drink coffee black.

You might think that an easy thing to remember and quite honestly a simple task!

But I don’t dare order one straight up in the store, “You mean you don’t want no sugar or cream?!”

No double double, triple triple or doggone four by four.

I appreciate the taste of what was meant to be, I don’t need ice or whipped cream, or sprinkles or sparklers thrown in for free.

I just gotta wake up!

And be kept that way, for most mornings turn to nights and I wonder what happened to the day.

So I drink 4 gallons and pretty soon, I jitter and shake and howl at no moon!

But it’s coffee for breakfast cause most folks will croon, that you can’t drink beer, until the afternoon.