Poll Results: Ponoka News readers against arming teachers

Poll Results: Ponoka News readers against arming teachers

Out of the 109 votes, 91 spoke against the idea, and some added their comments.

When it comes to arming teachers in schools, Ponoka News readers were very much against the idea.

Ponoka News’ most recent web poll asked the question, “Should teachers be allowed to carry firearms in the classroom?” And 83.49 per cent (91 votes) of the 109 who took part spoke against the idea.

The question was posted on Ponoka News’ Facebook page after an opinion was written by editor Jeffrey Heyden-Kaye regarding the death of teachers in the Unites States and lack of gun control, and a subsequent letter to the editor speaking in favour of the idea.

The remaining votes, 14.68 per cent (16 votes) spoke in favour of the idea and 1.83 per cent (two votes) state they were unsure. However, the comments on Ponoka News’ Facebook page really told the story.

Those who spoke in favour felt it was a matter of public safety.

Christa Scheffer stated “Yes.”

“It’s unfortunate, but reality is as long as there are bad people with guns there needs to be good people with guns,” explained Scheffer.

Linda Little agreed but added that training is needed. “Just ‘cause we are small town doesn’t mean we are free from the crazies.”

For most people though, it was a simple, “No.” While others were very much against the question.

Justin Hall didn’t feel this was an appropriate question, wondering how it would benefit people. “With lack of training, mistakes can happen at anytime. Then who’s to blame?”

“Teachers do not need the stress of handling a firearm while at school,” added Hall.

“There are so many questions with this topic and it’s crazy the fact it is a topic of discussion in the first place.”

Jarret Henderson agreed. “If they want to make sure guns aren’t an issue in a building, do it like every other building in the world. Limit the entrances and put a couple of armed guards at the entrances with metal detectors and your problem is gone.”

“There are not mass shootings at airports or courthouses because people can’t get guns inside. Arming those inside isn’t the answer.”

Cam Web added thoughts on school funding. “We have money for guns but we don’t have money for lunches? Computers? Sports equipment? Books? No, hard pass.”

Ponoka News did receive a letter in response to the first letter to the editor, which has been published in this week’s edition.

Editor’s note: Some comments were edited for grammar.

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