Ponoka reader, actions speak louder than words

Ponoka News reader responds to Trump letter and discussion of fascism continues.

Dear Editor,

Calling someone a fascist is to call someone a name.

In our alternate facts universe it is more important to look at what the person, in this instance President Donald Trump, has actually done. It’s not helpful merely to hear what he said and to make judgements based solely on his public utterances. What he and his administration have actually done speaks louder than words.

Since coming to power in a little over a month ago, his government has impacted and confused U.S. citizens and indeed the world with his presidential directive on people from seven predominantly Muslim countries. He has slandered the U.S. judiciary, whose function is to interpret the constitutional and human rights of citizens. He has preferred specific news organizations to address questions to him, while avoiding the vast majority of other news sources.

Being fascist, racist or misogynist are all descriptors of prejudicial behaviour towards specific groups. If the above examples suggest anything, Trump will continue to interact with other politicians, including those of his own Republican Party, to ethnic minorities, and to women, in a way that will not respect their constitutional and human rights. Their reaction will speak louder than words.

George Jason