Ponoka’s involvement in the Week of Prayer


Unity seems to be a popular theme in Ponoka. The town has many volunteers who come together to serve a common purpose. When tragedies happen in the town or needs are evident, business owners and local residents step up to the plate and help those who need it.

From Jan. 19 to Jan. 23 Ponoka is joining the rest of the world in the Week of Prayer. Ponoka members are coming together under one roof to pray for the needs of the community and encourage those who keep the town and area strong and safe.

The theme for this year’s Week of Prayer is the same around the globe. The verse is from Ezekiel 37:15-19, 22-24 and the theme is ‘That they will become one in your hand”.

The theme was chosen by a local ecumenical group from South Korea, keeping in the thoughts of Christian unity.

The verse centres on the issues of Israel in the Old Testament involving the prophet Ezekiel. Ezekiel was living in a time where the nation of Israel was divided and he yearned for the unity of his people.

The theme is based on Ezekiel’s second vision where he saw two pieces of wood each symbolizing the two divided kingdoms which came together as one. It shows the hope for the nation and God’s intention of unity for his people.

Ponoka’s involvement in the Week of Prayer is not only important for the community itself but is also valuable on an international level.

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity provides for an opportunity for Christians around the world to carry on the unity they already share. It is a time for members of Ponoka to come together in fellowship and strengthen their bonds with each other while showing their care for the community.

It’s no secret that Christians are not perfect. History has proven how Christians have wrongly used the name of God to kill, plunder, torture, etc. Fights have been going on for years between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland, Christians have been persecuted by other Christians and churches have split from each other over petty issues.

These past and present issues have been about selfishness and the leaders and followers of these events have been misled by sin; it is not what Christianity is about and is definitely not what the Bible teaches.

Christianity is reflected in the Week of Prayer, it’s about love, believing in Jesus, unity, working and helping together, holding each other accountable, encouraging and praying for each other and trying to live a life in Christ.

The international Week of Prayer invites those who participate to use it as a chance to help end the divisions among Christians. This special week celebrates the coming together of all Christians from all cultures, races, denominations, languages, etc.

It’s an opportunity to see and feel the support of other Christians and reconcile in Christ.

Each experience of prayer and fellowship offers the community opportunities to grow in the understanding of one another as the unity and purpose is celebrated with everyone.

The Week of Prayer in Ponoka concentrates on a different topic each day. Every day the people gathered pray for a certain area of the community. Prayers are said for health care professionals, emergency services such as the Ponoka Fire Department, Ponoka RCMP, paramedics, etc. Schools, churches, families, businesses, volunteers, organizations, etc. are prayed for as well.

The Week of Prayer helps the residents of Ponoka to recognize the needs of the community. They can identify, discover or realize what needs to be done in the Town and offer their help financially, physically or prayerfully.

It is offered to anyone who wants to enjoy a bowl of soup, fellowship and prayer.

The Week of Prayer in Ponoka is a part of a bigger picture. Ponoka residents coming together for a common purpose strengthens the community, promotes caring for the town and encourages those who serve positively in Ponoka.