Reader aims to give Trump a chance

Ponoka News reader responds to editorial regarding actions of President Trump in the United States.

Dear Editor,

Well, it is obvious that you, Mr. Heyden-Kaye do not care for President Donald Trump as well as many more. Link to the original editorial.

But there are a lot of people that do care and under the U.S. system Trump was elected president.

I remind you of the opening speech where it was stated that this is not a celebration for Clinton or Trump, but a celebration for democracy. The actions of Mr. Trump were clearly stated in his campaign and enough people voted for him to exercise those actions should he win.

I think it is called democracy.

As a reporter, put your personal views aside and start reporting facts. It was the will of the people that elected Trump.

I don’t know if it will be good, or if it will be bad. But I do know I will give him a chance. I will not declare doomsday in 90 days. And if Trump insulted a million people, then he also didn’t insult a million people.

Opposition on contentious issues is great, and should be allowed; may I say free speech. Those people had their opportunity on voting day. Now as a reporter, maybe start reporting on those that approved those contentious issues.

And thank God we have that opportunity for all people to voice their concerns and maybe it should be reported as such. Be positive, for if this Democracy doesn’t work, the people will change it in four years.

Dennis Chernick