Reader questions obsession with United States

Ponoka News reader voices concerns of situation south of the border in the United States.

Dear Editor

How much comment can I make, neurotic as I am, about our southern neighbours’ new government in our local newspaper?Perhaps Ponokans are just stiff upper lip people, aware of these concerns south of us, but would rather think of something much more pleasant instead.

Maybe there was something in my mother’s milk that explains this obsession about the U.S. currently. Perhaps Ponoka is far too practical for these considerations, dealing with building things, repairing, producing and planning them or simply enjoying life because life is too short as it is.

Perhaps I’m just a chicken little who thinks the sky is falling. Maybe I might outgrow this and eventually get with the program.

It’s uncomfortable talking about fears, something that can be immobilizing. It tends to be the dark underside of our lives. And macho men don’t go there any way. Who really wants to be a wimp?

And who really wants to be reminded of fascist states, where a few privileged people are glorified and the rest either struggle against or put up with it?

George Jason