Reader’s poem: Easter and humility

Ponoka News reader pens poem on Easter and humility.



Dear Editor,

Perhaps it was tax return time that set me off into a mood of discontent and grumpiness.

The accountant wanted something I wasn’t clear about,

and the investment adviser dug through her files for something perhaps I needed.

Organizational clarity was not a gift I inherited.

Ask the woman in my life.

So a depressed mood surrounded this April day,

In Christian Holy Week,

When Jesus died on a Friday,

For my sins, I was taught.

Self forgiveness was never a virtue I nurtured,

unlike exercises to prime my muscles I was blessed to learn.

I attribute my mood to

not eating a decent meal till mid-afternoon

and slumping in energy and a headache as a result,

which I realize is a medical not a spiritual cause as I diagnose my soul.

Perhaps the day has been wasted, except that life is a closed system;

energy is neither created or destroyed.

This might be a time to stop whining,

And accept a lesson learnt as we crawl towards Easter,

On knees that haven’t knelt down in awhile,

whether at church or anywhere else.

George Jason