Refugee and migrant crisis In Europe very seriou

Reader looks at the severity of the migrant crisis in Europe.


Dear Editor,


Up to 10,000 refugees and Migrants arrive in Germany on a single day; 800,000 so far, that number is expected to climb to one million by the end of this year.

Most people see the dire need of the refugees and the human suffering and like to help. Germany has answered this call taking in much more refugees than any other country in the world.

It was Angela Merkel’s decision to welcome that many refugees and migrants, but German citizens are dealing with what is happening on the ground and have many concerns. Thousands of people flooding into the communities have to be sheltered and a bed and food provided.

Most of this is done by German volunteers, as Berlin has not allocated extra money, or personal.

After the initial basic needs are met, a million people for this year alone have to be provided with language training, education, health care, jobs and permanent housing. That million from this year alone is expected to grow to three million in two to three ears, when the refugees bring in their families/relatives.

It is estimated that the refugees will not be able to contribute to the social system at least until 2020. Stats from previous refugees indicate that after 10 years in the country, two thirds are still unemployed.

Ghettos is another concern, as France is already dealing with this issue; the police do not enter and if they do there will be casualties. Losing the German culture is a big concern, and perhaps for Canada as well, as both countries are traditionally Christian based. In Canada, this crisis is compared to the Vietnam boat people, they however, were mostly Buddhist.

The treatment of women in the Islamic faith and the continued non-integration creates many other problems. Germany has Turkish Muslim immigrants for over 40 years who have not integrated, live in their own quarters in the cities and in many cases have not learned the countries language. The claim from ISIS to “stand on the doorstep of Europe,” and “will bring in ISIS fighters with the refugees” is of grave concern.

Why so many refugees now, the Syrian war has been going on for 4 years?

The illegal human transport system, where each refugee and migrant pays up to $ 9,000 to gangs that organize the passage has become big business!

Not all are refugees, many are economical migrants that have seized the moment. The refugees/migrants are coming from the following countries, listed in order of most to list:

Syria, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Macedonia, Eritrea, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Ukraine, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Asia and Africa.

German papers and volunteers have reported that many refugees/migrants are claiming on the entry form that they are from Syria, but then can’t name their city of origin. Their chances of asylum is higher if they are true refugees.

In total an estimated 60 Million people are on the move worldwide.


Ilse Quick