Resident feels like a nobody

Another Stampede has come and gone. Thank heavens.

Dear Editor:

Another Stampede has come and gone. Thank heavens.

Every year my family gathers to watch the parade and partake in a family barbecue and every year the fiasco begins. Again I was trying to get fresh hotdog buns at our grocery stores. Over the last few years the bakeries in the grocery stores and the new bakery in town would not pre-book an order during Stampede Week because the many service organizations would require them. I was advised they did have pre-packaged buns on the shelf — like there was a choice at 9 a.m. on parade day.

I was a customer in Ponoka 359 days of the year and a nobody for seven days during Stampede Week. I no longer shop in Ponoka (not that there is any place to shop) and drive to Lacombe where they welcome my business even during their busy days.

Janice McGhie