Resolutions, promises, wishes and hopes for 2013

As we celebrate the arrival of another new year, we will fondly look back and remember all the good times of 2012

As we celebrate the arrival of another new year, we will fondly look back and remember all the good times of 2012 and then hope that together we can enthusiastically set out to achieve new goals, successes, and happiness over the next 12 exciting months of 2013. Of course, most of us will seek to conquer those usual resolutions to stop smoking, lose weight, exercise more, save more, and on and on. We must not put too much pressure on ourselves because a New Year’s resolution is one that goes in one year and out the other.

I have always enjoyed putting together the Hammer’s Wish List for the New Year, with hopes that all of you will have lots of luck and fun meeting and beating all the challenges that we have bravely set for ourselves. Whatever the case, here is my list going into the 2013 stretch.

• Ponoka Town Council: Just keep right on setting the policies and bylaws that will enhance the growth and quality of life now and into the future for your community citizens of all ages and all walks of life.

• Ponoka County Council: Harmony around the table, well planned development, and many more years for CAO Charlie Cutforth in the oval office.

• For all of our taxpayers: No matter what, there will always be those who will disagree with the decisions of our elected officials or continue to dwell on what happened in the past. Of course, we have that right but now is the time to quit complaining and start campaigning, as there will be a municipal elections for town and county councils in October 2013.

• For the Fort McMurray Oil Sands: A new pipeline to somewhere.

• For Oprah Winfrey fans: A pair of tickets ($89.00 to $299.00 each) to the famous talk-show diva’s concert on January 21, 2013 at Rexall Place in Edmonton. Her earlier concerts in Canada sold out in the first day!

• To the National Hockey League: Let’s make a deal, or go get another job at those same wages.

• To our younger generation: Please put down those electronic gizmos and games for a while, get outside and get some fresh air and color from the rest of the world. Maybe also try a little hockey, lacrosse, school sports, figure skating, curling or other invigorating winter activities.

• To the 77th Ponoka Stampede: Another great July long weekend showdown (June 25 to July 1) with enough room for all those campers, and lots of dedicated community volunteers to complement PSA president Joe Dodds and the rest of the boys.

• A great big bouquet: To all the residents of Ponoka and the county for your overwhelming year round generosity and support of so many vital causes, projects, and activities that make our community such a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

• To pets: A family, who loves to take you for walks, keeps you warm in winter, gives treats for rewards and doesn’t mind lots of wet kisses from their frisky lifetime companions.

• For our Alberta Government: All the political cards are now on the table from the last election, so now is the time to cut back on some of the perks and quit digging up the dirt on each other. Let’s head out into the constituencies in 2013 and get on with the open and fair leadership of this great province of ours into a bright and prosperous future for the benefit of each and every citizen, no matter what their age, income, occupation or origin.

• For the Hammer: To continue to enjoy family and friends to the fullest, to still be pesky and active in my 70s, and to be able, with your kind help, to keep on writing a few stories each week for the Ponoka News.

Top 10 resolutions for 2013

• Tame the bulge (try to remember that stressed spelled backwards is desserts!) • Spend more quality time with family and friends.

• Fit in with fitness

• Quit smoking

• Enjoy life more

• Quit drinking

• Get out of debt

• Make a commitment to do something new rather than stopping something old!

• Help others

• Get organized

Of course we may find these quite tough but they will be achievable with determination and the help of others close to you. Always remember to feel great and reward yourself when you succeed but if you don’t, just start over again with renewed vigour. Always give it your best shot, be proud of your accomplishments and have a Happy New Year, beginning with a great week, all of you!