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Simple things for our everyday lives

There are so many simple things around us or are they simple?

There are so many simple things around us or are they simple? Let us take something like scotch tape - I and most other seniors can remember when we had to use glue to tape our papers together - or I remember even making our own glue out of flour and water- some folks were more sophisticated than I was -it had something to do with boiling water but I never did learn such intricate methods. Then someone invented Scotch tape by fiddling around applying glue to paper until finally the glue stuck and also made the paper stick when applied. What an invention and I haven’t a clue who the person or persons were who invented it.

There are many simple, everyday things around that we all take for granted.

Another thing comes to mind - soap - people used plain water out of the river or out of the well and wondered if they could get things cleaner- I picture someone accidentally dropping a lump of sand into the tub of water and then getting their greasy hands in to get it out and discovering their hands felt and looked much cleaner - with some experimenting soap was probably the newest and best idea to come up in centuries. In any case, it is the simple little inventions which were probably accidents waiting to happen that make our lives easier today.

I think that many inventions are made because we just get plain mad at the methods we are using and we decide to try something new -maybe if we slanted that nail a different way on a board or used a sponge instead of a paintbrush?? There are many inventions, which are never recognized - I know a farmer in Saskatchewan who built any time saving or faster gadget that was needed for smooth running farm management or household use. “Try this,” he would say and sure enough it would work and work well. Had he patented some of them, he would be a rich man today. They were always simple things “anyone could do” or could we? Most of us don’t have the patience -we would rather complain. In today’s world life is complicated and we seem to need appliances or machines for every task -luckily there were people around who had their creative juices flowing and they made our lives easier.

Simple is just a word meaning uncomplicated, simple really means complicated but used by a mind that reduces all things to simplicity