Some changes happening at Ponoka News

Some changes happening at Ponoka News

In the interest of keeping an open communication with the community about how we strive to provide both reliable, accountable local news and serving your advertising needs, I’d like to take the opportunity to explain some of the recent changes here at Ponoka News.

Because of the understandable drying up of advertising, as businesses have closed or reduced their hours, Black Press, of which Ponoka News is a part, has also had to make cutbacks, in an effort to keep as many people employed as possible across our papers in central Alberta.

As journalism is considered an essential service, our papers continue to be published, and our editorial and advertising staff remain hard at work to meet the needs of the community, although our doors are closed to the public.

However, in a necessary measure to be able to continue serving the community, starting on April 6, the editorial staff of Ponoka News have had their hours reduced to three days a week.

We have managed our schedules so there will be an editorial team member available for most of our regular business hours. We encourage the public to continue to send us news tips and let us know how you’re encouraging and supporting each other during this time.

Right now, connection is very important, and that’s part of what community journalism is all about.

Another measure Black Press has taken in response to the growing COVID-19 pandemic, is to establish greater collaboration between its central Alberta papers.

You may have noticed over the last couple of weeks that we’ve shared more stories lately on our website and Facebook page from our surrounding communities, such as Wetaskiwin, Lacombe and Rimbey.

Please know that this change was made in an effort to provide more information about what is happening in our surrounding communities, and is being provided as an added service, and does not replace the local news coverage you have come to rely on.

Our two-person editorial team at Ponoka News remains dedicated to writing local, Ponoka stories. If you see a story from, or about, one of our neighbouring communities, it has been provided from one of our Black Press papers. If you are unsure of where a story has come from, please check the byline.

Part of the reason we are sharing more stories from other papers is because surrounding communities are all going through the same thing, and it’s being done in an effort to provide as much reliable information in the most timely manner possible to you, our readers.

Being properly informed goes a long way to combating the fear that misinformation spreads. We’re all in this together.

Have a Heart

Ponoka News has had a great response to our Have a Heart promotion, which will run in this edition, as well as the next. The public was invited to show support for first responders and other front line and essential workers, by sponsoring a heart, which can then be coloured and displayed in windows around Ponoka.

Let’s show the community how much we care.