Still lots of time to study who to vote for in October

Reader discusses the upcoming federal election set in the next five months.

In five months, in October, we’ll be into another election, this time a federal election. As the electorate we have important decisions to make. Even at this point in time, before the summer and outdoor activities engage us, and before the fall winds come our way, it is worth thinking about where we want to go as a country.

The campaign rhetoric has not heated up yet, but it’s coming. We will be lambasted with pictures and political promotions of all kinds, even negative attack ads, who knows, but it would be important that we identify kernels of genuineness and truth in what sometimes becomes election mayhem.  Messages can be confusing, repetitive, and sometimes misleading so it could be helpful to stake out important ground around our areas of interest.

News media, we know, can only present limited and often very selective pieces of information but there are online resources and good reporting on issues if we are willing to look for them. A visit to the library for assistance should not be a barrier.

Important areas for most of us are employment, health care and education. All of these have federal and provincial components. One needs to see what exists and what has changed for the better or the worse: How fair, equitable and helpful has the federal government’s relationship with the provinces been? What significant issues has the federal government initiated or reneged on?

Reaction to the status quo plays a big part in politics but it is also important that we identify concrete alternatives and options that have not seen the light of day.

Don’t keep the midnight oil burning, though. There’s a good five months to think clearly even if campaign emotion eventually fills all the airwaves.


George Jason