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Take time to help the earth

Earth Day is April 22
Earth Day is April 22. (Metro Creative Connection)

This month people around the world have the opportunity to celebrate Earth Day, and they should. We live in such a beautiful place and it’s important for us to give back and do our part to set the tone for future generations.

This year’s theme is Invest in our Planet, which is all about the importance of dedicating our time and resources to solving various environmental issues.

Maybe you don’t celebrate Earth Day or forget it as just another day on the calendar, but keep in mind, it’s pretty easy to dedicate your every day actions to doing things that can benefit the world we live in. Turn off the lights in your home or office when you leave the room, reduce your use of plastic in day to day things, plant a tree or attend a local tree planting event, carpool and educate, educate, educate. These are just some of the small things we can all do.

Our earth definitely takes a beating. In our neck of the woods, flooding is a big one right now with the spring thaw.

I constantly try to do things to help save our earth. Using less plastics, as much as I can’t stand those paper straws. Anyone else find them super soggy? It’s definitely just a small adjustment we can make for our earth, as they are biodegradable and reduce our footprint.

The other thing I try to do is turn off all the lights every single time I leave a room, and I try to teach my kids that. Some of our lights, which are LED grow lights for plants and seedlings, are on timers, but I really try and turn the lights off at all times. On Earth Day I will turn off all lights in the house for the day and talk to my kids, no matter how little they are, about the importance of our earth and what we can do to make it a better place.

Another thing we do when we know we are going to the store, whether it’s groceries or other items we need is bring our bin with us every time. It’s not only a saver in space, but we reduce the need for bags. I don’t remember the last time I used a plastic bag, and a lot of that of course is because of the improvement of so many stores in the community who are trying to better the environment too.

Something I want to work on going forward is really looking at the labels of various household items I use and seeing how I can do better there, like for example, some good homemade cleaning supplies.

My husband and I are getting new windows in our home, partly because the ones we have now are not the greatest. That alone will regulate the temperature in our home so that the furnace doesn’t run as much in those cold winter months.

A big dream of ours looking into the future is to build our dream home on a piece of land, but I’m pretty sure my husband will be living underground… totally kidding! One of his dreams is to live in an underground home, and they are pretty cool I must admit, so I might cave in eventually. They sure are energy efficient.

With everything said, it’s so important to protect our earth. Look at all the magnificent activities we get to take part in every day outside, right in our own backyard. I’ve been blessed to have lived all across Canada. From Ontario to Nova Scotia, B.C. to now Alberta. It sure is a beautiful world we live in!