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Taking the time to rest and adjust


Come January, unless baby decides to make an earlier arrival, which wouldn’t be new for me, I will be adjusting to having three kids. My husband and I will be officially outnumbered. It will be a wild time for sure.

Dec. 23 will be my last day writing for the Rimbey Review as I head off on maternity leave, but I will be back come June. I’ve loved being able to write stories from home while still raising my boys and getting to be here to watch them learn and grow. It’s an amazing experience to get to witness.

My oldest son, who is almost four, started preschool in September, and it’s been going well, but it definitely isn’t easy being heavily pregnant and avoiding getting a lot of the sicknesses he brings home from new germs. I also have a lowered immune system being pregnant, so this is definitely the sickest I’ve been in years. Juggling that and my almost two-year-old has been tough but fun. I’m someone that loves being busy and having lots to do, but I look forward to putting my feet up for a couple of weeks before our next little boy gets here.

We have a name picked out already, which is nice, along with my hospital bag packed and Christmas decorations put up. The only thing I need is a lovey, which has been the number one toy for each of my boys.

For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a small stuffed animal attached to a small little blanket with no choking hazards like beads for eyes, nose and whatnot. It’s the perfect little toy for babies to have from a young age to cuddle. It’s something both my boys have had since birth that provides comfort and familiarity. I need to get on that quick! Other than that, we are mostly ready, but it’s been quite the ride, and I’m definitely excited to curl up under my heated blanket and watch all of the Christmas movies. Who am I kidding? I’ve started doing that a lot now in the evenings!

This time of year has to be one of the busiest but most enjoyable times of the year. With all of the holiday shopping and schedules with kids, it definitely goes by fast. I love looking around at all the beautiful lights in our neighbourhood and the Christmas decorations. It’s just such a joyful time of year. It’s also the time of year we happen to have our babies. All of our kids are winter babies, which definitely comes with its challenges, like finding someone to look after them when wintry road conditions start, but maybe this year the roads will be good? Here’s hoping! One way or another, we will make it to the hospital in time, as it’s only five minutes from our home.

While I’m gone, Jenna Swan will be taking the reins, and she’s no stranger to the world of journalism. She started writing for the Red Deer Express when it was around in 2013 and then moved to editor of the Sylvan Lake News in 2015. In 2017, she then moved on to pursue her passion in photography, specifically real estate.

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