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The Leafs are now resting until next season

HAMMERTIME: Maple Leafs out and Ponoka News' Hammertime gets into full Canada hockey mania.
Toronto Maple Leafs done for the season.

I have now jumped on the Canada hockey bandwagon.

Like so many hundreds of thousands of other loyal hockey fans who passionately stand by their favourite team, The Hammer has stayed true blue to my Toronto Maple Leafs since I was a scruffy kid hiding under the covers and listening to Foster Hewitt broadcasting the original ‘big six’ National Hockey League games every Saturday night on CBC Radio. It was great during the ‘golden years’ when the Leafs won 13 Stanley Cups, but sadly that came to an abrupt end in 1967, and they haven’t even come close to getting a taste of the sweet and bubbly championship champagne since.

I was thrilled this past season when they actually made the playoffs, and even though they lost that exciting and very close opening round series against the Washington Capitals I can now enjoy the summer to the fullest and with just a little more hope that my Leafs will be even better during the 2017-18 showdown? But then again as a totally hooked hockey fanatic I have now jumped right onto the Canada hockey bandwagon and will cheer my heart out for the Edmonton Oilers and the Ottawa Senators. Our coffee crew were discussing last week how great it would be to see those two Canadian teams face off in the Stanley Cup final sometime in June, which we could call the East/West Canada Hockey Classic, but then again if that was the case Mr. Trump just might not allow Mr. Stanley’s tattered old trophy to come back across the border?

Shivering in April

It is really a good thing that we are such ‘hardy Albertans,’ because we have just been blessed with the coldest and the snowiest April in Alberta history, but we dug in, dug out, and survived. And now, for sure we can get on with the celebration of May, which will surely bring us sunshine, flowers, warm showers, and only just a few potholes and puddles to dodge. Let’s all look forward to all those glorious and long fun hours out in the fresh air, primping our yards and community, and maybe finally being able to let loose and try out that flashy new spring wardrobe. I am sure that most of us had already switched over to our summer tires, but we still managed to bundle up in our parkas and get outside for a little brisk fresh air, while many others were bravely trying to find a warmer place out of the wind and slush to toss or kick the ball around in preparation for our very busy and invigorating outdoor baseball and soccer season that will soon be upon us.

Some funny facts about this and that

It takes approximately 20 minutes for our brain to know that our stomach is full? Great news…now we can have one more helping of desert. A one minute kiss burns 26 calories, which means if we smooch more we will stay slimmer, and trimmer, and happily married or matched forever.

The human mind is ten times more creative at night than in the morning, which means we should be able to stay up later and watch the game or go out with the boys, and then sleep in and wake up in the morning a whole lot smarter?

No we don’t have Wifi, but why not try sitting around and chatting with each other like we used to do? A hint to the younger generation that they should always respect their parents, because they were able to get through school without Google and all the rest.

Our granddaughter wanted a Cinderella themed party, so we invited all her friends over and made them clean the house.

You know we are getting older when we can’t walk past a bathroom without thinking that we may as well go while we’re here.

Please remember that Mothers are amazing women, and their special day to be pampered is on Friday-May 12th. In the meantime ‘think spring,’ and have a great week, all of you.