The truth about carbon tax: It works

New carbon tax controversial, unavoidable and will prove successful

Dear Editor,

Carbon tax for Alberta is unavoidable. In fact, it appears if the provinces don’t implement the tax, then the federal government, who made a climate change commitment in Paris, will. The future of our children depends on it.

The carbon tax is controversial, especially with right wing Albertans and parties, but the shocking truth is it actually works.The Wildrose Party claims the tax will ‘destroy jobs and growth’, ‘will cost municipalities, industries,’ and ‘it will cost theaverage family $ 1,000/year.’

The latest numbers from Statistics Canada show, however, that B.C.’s carbon tax, implemented since 2008, has been a realenvironmental and financial success: B.C. has the lowest income tax in Canada, (the taxpayers are coming out ahead), its GDPhas outperformed the rest of Canada since 2008, fuel use has decreased by 16 per cent, and the tax is far from being a job-killer. B.C.’s success story with the carbon tax has earned the province worldwide praise.

Part of the NDP’s climate leadership plan is to replace the 18 coal fired power plants in Alberta to lighten the provinces carbonfoot print. Ontario phased out their last coal fired power plant in 2014 and therefore has a significant improvement in airquality. Alberta has the worst air quality in Canada; in fact, recent newscasts told us that an Alberta child ends up inemergency every 30 min. with respiratory problems.

Why is the Wildrose Party so against the NDP’s green ‘Climate Leadership Plan’ and carbon tax?

When you look beyond the political rhetoric, both plans have proven to be financially and environmentally successful.

Ilse Quick