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Time to start swinging into spring.

Now that all the election panic is over, it is time to swing into spring, says The Hammer.

Now that all the election panic is over, it is time to swing into spring....send the kids outside with their rubber boots and bikes, dive into the closet and bring out your light-loose and lively warm weather wardrobe, and make sure that all of your garden tools are greased, gassed and ready for action. Hopefully our hardy farmers will soon have their lands rich and ready for planting, and that they will be blessed in the evenings with warm spring showers followed by lots of hot and sunny days.

At this time of the year, we can always be sure that the ‘spring swingers’ will soon be out in full force sharpening up their classic styles and form at swinging their golf clubs, bats, tennis rackets, fishing rods and all the rest, just in time for a new season of fun and exercise. As is always in the grand spring tradition the convertibles, motorcycles, scooters, skateboards, roller blades, bikes, strollers, joggers, walkers and all the rest are already out in full force, but please be aware of all the sand and loose gravel, puddles and potholes that are still hanging around as the only reminder of our pretty mild winter past. The arrival of all these ‘spring flingers’ of all ages rushing around with a great case of spring fever should also remind us all to drive carefully and watch out for not only pedestrians, but also respect those street sweepers and work crews who are busy sprucing up our community for the glorious green season ahead.

How sweet it is that the days are getting longer, and we now have the opportunity of choosing our spring activities to enjoy at our own pace, while trying to satisfy and impress  our significant others by also offering to do some yard work and spring cleaning in between tee-times and the playoffs. Whether we become a participant or a spectator, the biggest benefit to all of us is the chance to cast off the winter cob-webs and get outside and meet, mingle and mix with so many others who will also be out to share some fun in the sun.

While I was out cleaning the deck last week, I paused to watch some wily but noisy crows chase a cat away from their ‘road-kill’, which reminded me that as we are out and about doing our ‘spring thing’, we should try to share our pristine outdoors with all of nature’s critters. The birds, bees, bugs and whatever else that crawls or flies will soon be scurrying around building their nests and burrows in wild anticipation of welcoming a cute bunch of fluffy and fuzzy family additions, and whether we like them or not, they all have a purpose in nature’s delicate seasonal balance or survival. Whether we relax and enjoy our own unique back yards or frolic amongst the hundreds of thousands of acres of pristine parks, lakes and countless other recreational amenities throughout our great province, it is up to us to protect, pamper and preserve our environment for the pleasure of ours and future generations.

A little spring fun for everyone.

*Is it not always so true that we usually will find something that we had lost when we are doing our spring cleaning? Before losing your mind because you have already gone out and replaced the item that you found, don’t fret, just polish it up and put it into your neighbourhood spring garage sale along with all the other stuff that you have horded or the kids have got bored with, but could soon be someone else’s long lost treasure?  The wild and wonderful garage sale season has now begun in great gusto, so rush out and put up some signs on Friday, set up the tables, and invite a whole bunch of nice folks to come over and clean out your garage..

*Subtle spring cleaning hint from wife. ‘It must be spring dear, I can’t see out the windows..’ Great sign in a local garden centre. It’s spring....we are so excited that we wet our plants.

*With the arrival of spring many of us complain about our allergies, and in between sneezes and sniffles we will try all sorts of remedies. Just think about our poor pet dogs at this time of the year as their very sensitive sniffers have to get used to all sorts of new smells, and no one has any sympathy for them.

*Alberta....welcome to the land where in spring you can get frostbite and sunburn all in the same week.

A tribute to mothers everywhere... when we were four years old, our moms could do anything, at 16 we thought our mothers were hopelessly old fashioned, when we were 35 we will ask her opinion first, and when we are 65 we will wish that she was still here to talk it over and share a tear and a hug. Please honour those special ladies in our lives on Mothers’ Day, May 10, and have a great warm week, all of you..