Town council members – please read

Council's decision-making process shows weaknesses through petition regarding fire department situation

Dear Editor,

The fire department petition that was circulating has shown a weakness in council’s decision making process.

Decisions at council level should be made for the benefit of Ponoka citizens. I would suggest that future decisions should show how we, the citizens, will benefit and how our taxes will change.

There has been too many major changes in the Town of Ponoka in the last few years without citizen participation. For example, water meters, garbage, town office, bridge, fire department. These changes usually involve a great deal of money and our economy does not at this time warrant increased taxes.

Council must keep the public informed of the details when high-cost decisions are being considered. Also, council should limit major expense projects to some predetermined cost and everything above that amount would have to be approved by the public.

When the public is onside (sic) there is less opposition to council’s decisions.

Other major changes considered for the town look good until the cost is considered. Ask yourself, do you know what these proposed changes will cost? Have you been informed? How has the town’s present budget changed because of this council’s decisions?

I would like to see the council always consider the taxpayer first and not be swayed by some of their personal feelings and plans. The cost for these projects is usually outside of the town’s ability to pay with our present population. We do not have the tax base to fund these projects by ourselves.

Finally, in all likelihood there will be no funding from other sources unless there is a major turn-around in our national and provincial economy which doesn’t seem likely as things now stand.

Let’s put a hold on unnecessary capital spending until we know where we stand financially now and in the future.

Eldred Stamp