Town decisions earn butt of horse award

I’d like to have the opportunity to thank our current administrators.

Dear Editor:

I’d like to have the opportunity to thank our current administrators.

As a resident of the Town of Ponoka I wish to extend a warm and whole-hearted thank you to town council and administration. I never would have thought it could be possible to live in a town that has a liquor store within walking distance no matter what part of town you stood in. But you showed us it’s possible.

I could never afford the expense of travelling to Hollywood and walking among the movie sets but thankfully you ushered in a new era of secondhand, used, pawn and bargain discount stores that give me the feeling I’m on “American Pickers” or “Pawn Stars,” perhaps thinking we should have the ability to shop in Ponoka for items people may want or need is just not good for the town, after all who would stimulate Red Deer’s economy if we did?

You have given the entrepreneurs of this town ample choice in retail locations, 20 vacancies at last count, talk about an amazing opportunity. What other town could boast this much prime retail space? Honestly, it’s a good thing you’ve annexed more land, clearly we are running out of space , and in no way could this have transpired but for the interests of our town’s annual horse and pony week.

So beyond meeting our town’s mandate of enterprise and progress you have also met with integrity by vigilantly resolving the fraudulent services you charged the 38th Street residents by not rectifying the incompetence of it all. The bottom of your feet must be smooth the way they’ve been dragging.

So to honour you much like you honoured the traditional heritage of our town’s forefathers who apparently dedicated their lives to cherish bucking broncs as opposed to farming and homesteading, and in no way can or should be viewed as an offering to appease the stampede gods with the largest roadside attraction that attracts no one to this town. I propose following suit by keeping with the town motto of “Keep it Real” and erecting a monument to you. Since our town name Ponoka, meaning “black elk,” has a horse’s head as a logo I recommend using the other half of the horse and titling it “Epic Fail.” Thanks again for all you’ve done.

Craig Saunders