Town needs to licence pets

I am writing this with disgust, anger and dismay.

Dear Editor:

I am writing this with disgust, anger and dismay. On the early morning hours of July 15, I was awakened by some unusual noises, voices, and went outside to investigate. What I come across was horrific.

Some sadistic individual(s) invaded our privacy by taking my neighbour’s two dogs off their chains from their fenced yard and put them into our kennel that contained my children’s two rabbits. This was a sick and senseless act. It has traumatized my family, and my neighbours; it was devastating to my children who had to see their loving pet die in such a disgusting way. I did manage to save my son’s bunny, but Bella, my daughter’s bunny, never made it.

We had spent many days and hours litter training, teaching the rabbits to use a harness and leash, and had them doing tricks; they were a part of our family each with their own personality, and it was also showing my children responsibility. These pets were an Easter present and were only five months old.

Two days before this incident, we were surprised to have Bella injured through the fence by one of our many “trailer park cats,” which have been a daily concern. My kids were distraught so we thought we were double protecting them by putting them in their travel cages inside the kennel when we go to bed. It didn’t work. This person, or people, even unlatched the cage to let the dogs have a good chance at getting them.

I only ask of two things: if anyone knows or has heard someone bragging about doing this crime, please, show my kids you have a heart and care about their feelings and call the police. There needs to be justice. We didn’t deserve this.

Secondly, my neighbours with the dogs and I take pride in our pets; we follow rules, we keep them contained, we respect our neighbours and their properties, we don’t let them run wild. I ask the town to put in a bylaw in regards to the cats in this town. Not only have they been a concern for the protection of our rabbits but when demolishing our old trailer we noticed they destroyed our roof and underneath the trailer by wrecking insulation, heat tape on pipes, and leaving feces and urine smells everywhere. I don’t believe I should have to pay for other people’s ignorance, or unwillingness to contain their pets. If you can’t leash them up, take them to the farm where they can run.

I have made a few inquiries and have learned a few towns have bylaws limiting two pets per household and requiring cats to be licensed and contained on your property or leashed up when outside, so why can’t our town follow these by laws?

I do applaud those people who already leash their cats up. I’m not bashing you.

Kelly Budd