Traitor Hale deserted his people for Dictator Prentice

“Hello My Friends” by Jason Hale. With a friend like Hale who needs enemies?

Dear Editor,

“Hello My Friends” by Jason Hale.

With a friend like Hale who needs enemies?

How could you do this to the people who worked so hard to get you elected as a candidate for Wildrose and all the people who voted for you (including myself) in the last election? In a democracy, it is by the people for the people. You truly are a traitor to democracy.

Dictator Prentice wants to spend taxpayers’ dollars for an early election. Why? That is a waste of taxpayers’ dollars as the Conservatives have the majority and if they follow the rules, it is to be held in 2016.

Prentice is trying to con Albertans into believing that oil prices are never again going up. Don’t believe him. This is a good way for him and his chosen few to put in a sales tax that will remain forever no matter how high a barrel of oil will get.

Prentice, I’ll give you a few ideas for you and your Party to reduce the debt that has been made by the Conservative Party over 40-some years:

Dictator Prentice takes a pay cut of 20 per cent, all MLA’s take a 10 per cent pay cut, all government employees take a 5 per cent pay cut, eliminate all severance pay for all elected officials, all elected officials fund their own pension plans; last but not least on my list, downsize the government!

Eileen Walker