We hope that you all had a great Family Day in Ponoka

Hammertime this weeks celebrates the fun-filled Family Day in Ponoka.

With the milder and sloppy weather that we have been blessed with in the middle of February, Family Day was thankfully a great opportunity to let loose a little and take part in all sorts of invigorating or casual activities in and around all communities.

This time around the gala celebration was also in honour of the 150th Anniversary of our great and free nation, and was a wonderful opportunity to head outside in the brisk fresh air and gather with family, friends, and neighbours for a special day of fun, food, and friendly events for all ages.

It could also be a special day where we can choose to forget about all the politics and problems, and maybe even turn off the television, and vowing to silence all those flashing and buzzing gadgets that quite often distract us from having a really great face-to-face, heart-to-heart, laugh-by-laugh chat with other people that we should probably get to know more. It has been really great to get a little excited about watching some of the early signs of spring this week, including BBQs and beer glowing and flowing on the back decks, the birds racing around in a real panic, lots of joggers and strollers, the sparkling rivers of water heading for the drains, a few brave souls already dawning shorts and T-shirts, and of course all the junk that winter blew around showing up everywhere.

I am sure that many of us were out for a casual stroll on that amazing Family Day 2017, pausing to watch the kids sliding down the biggest piles of snow and hills and splashing around in the best puddles, skating or playing shinny on the outdoor rinks or having a snow-ball war, or just plain enjoying nature’s finest and slushiest season in all its finest. While the roaring ski-doos still rush up and down the rivers and across the countryside and the skiers challenge the biggest hills, there is no doubt that the ice-fishing fraternity would love to enjoy a little more time trying to hook into one more monster from the chilly depths from in the comfort of their mini-man-huts. Whatever winter sport we may enjoy, please watch for the big signs that warn us that the ice is too thin and not safe to venture out on.

The Ponoka tradition will always carry on

For as long as I can remember Ponoka and district have always hosted a great Family Day celebration to which everyone is invited, including visitors to our friendly community. This time around mostly balmy temperatures greeted hundreds of fun-seekers to activities centred in and around the Complex that included public skating, shinny, family curling, hay rides, face painting, and a roaring noon bonfire to enjoy a feast of hot dogs and hot chocolate.

There was also free family and toonie swimming at the Aquaplex, tobogganing at the Tom Hamilton Memorial Hill and a free session of family activities at the Ponoka Gymnastics Club. The grand finale of that fabulous day of family fun was a magnificent fireworks display in the River Valley, after which everyone was already looking forward to our next gala Feb. 20 Family Day celebration. A huge thank you to the event sponsors, including the Town of Ponoka, Ponoka Lions Club, Ponoka Food Bank, Ponoka Curling Club, Ponoka Fire Department, Ponoka Home Church, Ponoka Kinsmen Club, Ponoka Gymnastic and Trampoline Club, Ponoka F.C.S.S., Don Campbell, as well as all the hardy volunteers who all came out to make it such a great day that was packed with lots of ‘community spirit’ for everyone.

Hopefully we can all strive to have the opportunity of setting aside just a little part of each and every day for a Family and friend and neighbourly event. In the meantime start cleaning up the yard and the garage and have a great week, all of you.