What does 2009 have in store for us?

So here we go zooming rather gingerly into another year, and with the much-hyped economic downturn and the Federal Government fiasco, there are bound to be lots of questions and speculations about our future.

So here we go zooming rather gingerly into another year, and with the much-hyped economic downturn and the Federal Government fiasco, there are bound to be lots of questions and speculations about our future. I have absolutely no doubt that as proud and determined Canadians; we will survive, and thrive, just like we have done for decades.

Our National team of tweenies to seniors and every citizen in between will require fair and strong leadership to assure us of all the opportunities and benefits that we so richly deserve.

 Hopefully through the spirit of the season and family values, they will now have the time to get their back yard in order?

New Year’s resolutions!

It is this time of the year that most of us attempt once again to make, and keep our New Year’s resolutions. Some promises we have undoubtedly made before, while others will hopefully give us an exciting new challenge heading into 2009? Of course, as always, we will break some, but we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves, as none of us are perfect, and a two out of three or four out of six or even five out of 10 succession rate wouldn’t be all that bad.

Coming out of the Christmas rush and surviving all the New Year’s frolics, it might be just a little tough to come roaring out of the gate and get into the resolution mood?

While studying up on the annual subject of resolutions, I found a list of what the critics consider as the top ten of our current era, and here they are for your approval and consideration.

*Spend more time with family and friends. (Appreciate your loved ones even more)

*Fit into fitness. (An important step to a happier, healthier you)

*Tame the bulge. (Not alone-66 per cent are trying to trim a little or a lot?)

*Quit smoking. (Think of what you can do with the money you save)

*Quit drinking (A drastic lifestyle change, but there is lots of help available).

*Enjoy life more. (Also referred to as occasionally stop and smell the roses)

*Get out of debt. (Join the millions who are trying to get a handle on their finances)

*Learn something new. (It’s never too late to take computer or dance lessons, etc…)

*Help others. (Remember that volunteerism can take many forms)

*Get organized. (Try to reduce the clutter in your home and office)

As we attack our resolutions please remember: not to set the goal bar too high, don’t overload yourself, tell everyone you know about your progress and reward yourself for success, and remember that we have the whole year to complete our resolutions. Lots of luck!

Here are just a few New Year’s resolutions, wishes, and fun-stuff that I threw together just for the occasion.

*To the federal government: Cut out the fluff and get on with the future.

*For the stock market: Hopefully there will finally be a light at the end of the funnel.

*To Team Canada: Another World Junior Hockey gold medal, but work hard, and don’t take it for granted.

*To our troops: We will pray for your safety and happy return home.

*To drivers: Slow down, hang up the cell phone, and respect those who are driving safely…. then we all may get to our destinations happy and healthy at about the same time.

*To emergency services workers everywhere – Thank you for putting your lives on the line each and every day in horrific weather conditions to protect and take care of all of us.

 We must always remember that flashing lights and bad conditions mean slow down, yield, pay attention, or be prepared to pay a very heavy price.

*To Town and County Councillors and staff: Steady and sensible growth, peace around the table, and lots of taxpayers who take the time to ask and understand before making judgement.

*To The Centennial Centre for Mental Health and Brian Injury: A gala 100th Anniversary celebration honouring staff and facilities from past and present, with a special invitation to a community that has supported you from day one.

*To Ponoka merchants: The same ongoing friendly customer service and community support that is the great benefit of ‘shopping locally’.

*To minor sports teams: great success with your game and your team, with lots of respect to coaches and officials, understanding parents, and a place for every boy and girl to play, no matter what their ability or status.

*To all volunteers: One of the greatest gifts in life is the joy of brightening others lives and burdens by reaching out with just a few precious hours of your time.

Please remember that the headache from the New Years Eve party only lasts until the next day, but don’t hesitate to hail a taxi or a designated driver to make sure that you get there. A very happy New Year to all of you!