Which candidate has what priorities?

The premier wants to gouge people with a health care premium. Why?

Dear Editor,

The premier wants to gouge people with a health care premium. Why?

Redford slashed $28 million a month in royalties to support a bonus of $2.3 million a year for oil company executives. Which political candidate will agree to collect those royalties?

The premier wanted to cut wages, but wanted a 6 per cent cost of living increase for MLAs.

The Keystone would allow four new refineries to be built in the US. If built here each new refinery would employ 2,400 workers for four years. That’s 9,000 or more new, well-paid jobs. There would be 1200 yearly maintenance jobs for 30 years. That’s another 36,000 or more new jobs. Each refinery would need a permanent staff of 700 people for 30 years. That’s another 21,000 or more new jobs; hundreds of new office staff jobs. New homes, cars, furnishings, trucks, drapes, lamps, would be needed. Who will sell the furnishings?

New schools, staff, and school bus drivers, for all the new kids; more food: bread, meat, veggies, beef, pork, chicken, fruit – to feed all those new people; more market gardens; more teachers, welders, nurses, mechanics, engineers, technologists, doctors.

Each refinery would require lumber, steel, wire, gadgets, vehicles, machinery, so thousands of new supply jobs would be created. All those jobs would create $21 million a year in income tax revenue every year for 30 plus years for Alberta. Provincial income tax could be lowered. There would be millions for more and better rural health care. The tax on purple fuel for rural residents could be eliminated.

Which political candidate wants this “Alberta First Budget”? Which political candidate wants to collect royalties, create jobs, increase revenue, and improve FREE health care for the people of Alberta?

Robert Fitzsimmons



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