Which way is the new direction?

I have been reading in our newspaper about our new mayor and council.

Dear Editor,

I have been reading in our newspaper about our new mayor and council. The comment from the new mayor is that “council is moving in new direction.”

As I read about these changes, I have a few concerns.

It is obvious that fiscal restraint isn’t in their new direction.

The mayor has stated that government grants have been cut back and so taxes and other costs to taxpayers will rise to reflect this.

Oddly, there aren’t any cutbacks to the mayor or the town council.  Is a retreat a necessity at this time of fiscal restraint or should taxpayer’s expenses be a major consideration?

And if there isn’t a place good enough in town for council and staff to meet, why are we spending taxpayer’s big dollars to try to get businesses to come to Ponoka?

There also seems to be a big push to shop locally and support local business. Doesn’t this apply to mayor and council as well? How does having an out-of-town retreat do this?

Another concern is raising the limit on three credit cards by three times the previous amount. Of course it will be audited and the expenses approved; but really, what are taxpayers paying for?

Another concern is the current union leader for the town staff, Tim Falkiner, sits on town council. Isn’t this a conflict of interest?

Yes, we now get to meet with council to discuss our concerns – a whole two minutes. This seems to indicate that council doesn’t think we have anything worthwhile to say or it is not worth their time to listen!

It seems that our mayor and council are intent on moving forward in a direction to benefit themselves at taxpayer’s expense.

And yes, I voted in the last election.

Merrilee Harker