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Who will the political critics pick on now?

Some of the critics are saying that it is time to shake up and shake down the so-called ‘old boys’ club’

Every source of our media is plum full of red hot controversy this week over the sudden resignation of our former Alberta Premier Alison Redford from the Provincial Legislature for allegations of misuse of government and tax-payers dollars for travel expenses and who knows what else? Whatever the case and no matter who gets the blame, the Progressive Conservative Party has been tarnished for quite some time for this sort of trash, and are now battling for their political lives. Although a lot of accusations have been aimed at Ms. Redford, some of the critics are saying that it is time to shake up and shake down the so-called ‘old boys’ club’, which may have been running the party for many years??

There is no doubt that whatever yet another criminal investigation will decide, the totally disgruntled opposition parties are now gathering their forces and will be pouncing on every opportunity to encourage the shell-shocked taxpayers to give someone else a chance of providing us with what they say will be our next honest and open provincial government. So what comes next? The PCs will attempt to sell many more memberships, and then will meet behind closed doors to elect a new leader who will supposedly right their sinking ship before they have to call an election.

Of course, the coffee shop chatter and media political banter will continue to flow hot and heavy, while we, the faithful and hardworking taxpayers, will patiently wait and see, as always, but with ongoing hope that their precious votes will finally award them with the government leadership that they so rightfully deserve and can trust going into the future. Bottom line....if all these allegations are proven, and no matter who is involved, instead of the quicky golden hand shake and big fat pension, criminal charges will be laid and restitution should be made for the wrong doing. In the meantime, just keep on complaining, writing letters, and getting in touch with your MLA Rod Fox (800-565-6432) when-ever you wish.

Invasion of the dragon-flies

It has been great this spring and summer that we have not been pestered by so many of the ravenous mosquito clan, which we hope were either frozen or drown in the cool spring, and won’t be back this season. What have really shown up in great numbers are dragon flies, which many people are leery of because of their quick and jerky flight and large multifaceted bulging eyes.

Believe it or not, these magnificent insects are equipped with a shiny set of large dual transparent wings that allows them to fly backwards, change directions, and hover. There are 5900 different species of dragon flies, which rank among the fastest flying insects in the world, and they are the major predators of mosquitoes and other insects.

Thanks for our great walking trails

It is at this glorious time of the year that we can really appreciate and enjoy our many kilometres of paved walking trails, which wander in and around all areas of our community, and offer a unique and tranquil experience with nature, as well as countless opportunities to sit down, relax, and visit with other trailblazers of all ages.

Whether one is walking, jogging, or wheeling along the trails, some of the special highlights include the amazing ‘thinking tree’ and the new walking bridge across the Battle River in the north end, and then a casual stroll to the south beside the river and the golf course. Other paths meander through Riverside as well as up past the High School into Lucas Heights and through the Lion’s Centennial Park, with lots of chances to take a ‘side trip’ for an ice-cream or a cold drink along the way.

Linda is a precious member of our family who sadly suffered a stroke a couple of years ago, but has done very well to make a comeback, and with her new scooter loves to spend a couple of hours out on the trails every day whenever possible. Please get out and take full advantage of our great Ponoka trail system, and thank you to the Town of Ponoka and staff for ongoing maintenance and for striving to add some exciting new outdoor amenities for the future.

Now let’s have a little fun

● The husband and wife had a little tiff, and in tears the wife called her mother and insisted, ‘he fought with me again, and I’m coming home to live with you.’ Quite shocked, her mom thought for a while and then replied, ‘No darling, he must pay for his mistake...I’m coming to live with you for a while.’

● They claim that everyone has a photographic memory, but for some reason some, like me, don’t always have enough film. I have also reached the stage where my train of thought often leaves the station without me.

Just keep right on enjoying this super summer now and hopefully well on into the fall, but in the meantime, have a great week, all of you.