Dan Svitich
STAR Catholic Trustee for Ponoka

Wishing all a healthy and happy summer

“Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Let anyone with ears listen!” – Matthew 13:43

As we head into a much-deserved summer break, the STAR Catholic Board of Trustees commends our school communities, as well as those from across the province and country, for their hard work and perseverance over what has been a very challenging year.

To our students: thank you for your dedication to your education and your adaptability during times of uncertainty. You deserve a summer of fun and relaxation. If you will be joining us again next year, we can’t wait to welcome you back. If you have graduated and will be moving on to a new chapter of life, we are proud of you and can’t wait to see what you achieve next!

To our staff: you are valued more than words can say. Thank you for your commitment to your students and your passion for education. Thank you for maintaining a positive attitude even when it was difficult, and for sharing that perspective with your classes and colleagues. We wish you a happy and relaxing summer, and we look forward to seeing you rested and rejuvenated next school year!

To our families: we couldn’t have made it through this school year without you. Thank you for stepping into the role of at-home educator when it was necessary, and for your patience, understanding, and incredible support. We hope you enjoy some much-needed fun and relaxation with your loved ones this summer!

To our parish, government, municipal, education, and community partners: the support we have received from you this year has been overwhelming in the most positive way. Thank you for the donations, volunteer hours, resources, countless hours of assistance, and friendship. We value our working relationships and look forward to strengthening them as time goes on.

Overcoming the obstacles of the past school year truly has been a community effort. Every person fills a unique and valuable role, and it takes each part to make up the incredible whole. It wasn’t always easy, but we got through it together. Let us take the lessons we have learned, and the memories we have made, and know there’s nothing we can’t achieve when we have each other.

– Submitted by STAR Catholic