Barrel racers prepare for ABRA finals at fun jackpot

Barrel racers set their sites on ABRA Finals and practice at jackpot.

Jaycee Bremner turns a barrel on Hustler Wednesday

Jaycee Bremner turns a barrel on Hustler Wednesday

With the Alberta Barrel Racing Association (ABRA) Finals coming up this weekend, barrel racers took to the Calnash Ag Event Centre Wednesday, Aug. 12 for a jackpot to practice their skills.

Planners at the ag centre host approximately six ABRA sanctioned summer jackpots to help racers get ready for the big event, said board president Terry Jones.

He said the jackpot supports the ABRA and is a fundraiser for the centre. One of the biggest challenges for riders new to the arena is getting their horses used to the environment.

By being sanctioned by the ABRA, Jones says riders looking to compete in the finals will take the opportunity to practice and accustom their horses to the large room.

“All our barrel racing during the summer is ABRA approved . . . we just want to be affiliated with them,” said Jones.

A few more jackpots will be hosted after the ABRA finals to prepare for the Canadian Barrel Horse Incentive, another big barrel racing event at the centre with added money in prizes.

“It was huge last year,” said Jones, “It was a big event for us, the stalls were full.”

Top three racers in their categories:

1D Placings:

• 1st 17.663 $245.00 – Rene LeClerq on Holly;

• 2nd 17.757 $213.00 – Rene LeClerq on Lucks;

• 3rd 17.810 $181.00 – Whitney Lynch on Winston;

2D Placings:

• 1st 18.679 $245.00 – Shannon Blakey on Major Dry Bear;

• 2nd 18.694 $213.00 – Rachel Bergstrom on Shiner;

• 3rd 18.695 $181.00 – Jessie Vanden Brook on Pippa;

3D Placings:

• 1st 19.693 $245.00 – Kayley Blair on Famous;

• 2nd 19.721 $213.00 – Chad Muldoon on Handsome Prospect;

• 3rd 19.747 $181.00 – Aimee Thompson on Nelly.