Biggest Losers “Rip’N” to the Finals

  • May. 18, 2011 12:00 p.m.

Rip’N Ronnie’s second annual Biggest Loser contest was another ‘losing event.’

There were nearly 40 contestants this year on a 15-week challenge to lose the greatest percentage of body weight, the right way (proper diet and regular exercise). All the contestants were given three custom-made programs from trainers at Rip’N Ronnie’s Fitness (Brett McCaughey, Craig Sorensen, and Sheldon Ronnie) and guided along their journey to shed the pounds.

Lori Labrie, a registered dietician, also came into Rip’N Ronnie’s and did a free seminar for all contestants, as well as other gym members, and discussed proper nutrition and how to safely combine diet and exercise to properly lose weight and keep it off.

After the 15-week challenge, the top 5 losers were determined by the most percentage of weight lost (similar to the popular television show) with these five contestants leading the way: Auvery Reid (lost 12.92 per cent), Darryl Dirsten (10.81 per cent) with his two-pound Jacobs Ladder cardio challenge advantage of doing 500 feet in 4 minutes 32 seconds, brought his total weight lost percentage to 11.58 per cent, D’arcy DeAtley (10.78 per cent), Jacquie Dracass (9.21 per cent), and Gloria Bruggencate (8.92 per cent). These five now continue on to July 1 when they will receive prizes based on how they end up in the competition.