Broncs to host their annual B-ball tourney


Here’s Q and A with senior girls’ basketball coach Jody McElroy, Ponoka Composite High School athletic director, about the upcoming weekend tournament Jan. 14 and 15 at “home” in Ponoka. We caught up to her in her office at the gym late last week to get the scoop.

Ponoka News: Do you think the girls are ready for a home win?

Jody McElroy: “I think so! We are a younger team, getting stronger and better every game. It’ll be a good chance (to see what they’re made of) We have a few games and a league game on Tuesday, so we’ll have a lot of practise and I think we’ll be ready.”

PN: What are their chances for winning?

JM: “If we play the best that we have played so far, we have a good shot at winning. It’s not going to be easy — I’ve got a lot of good teams coming here because you only get better if you play against tough teams. They have their work cut out for them, but it’s attainable if they work hard and minimize turnovers.”

PN: How many players are on the team?

JM: “Thirteen. Most of these girls have come up through the Diamond Willow or Crestomere or Mecca Glen program. They’ve played on our B teams here and they’ve now made the senior team, which is quite an accomplishment. I have two Grade 10s, and three Grade 11s — those five players are very strong. I have some youth players coming back for next year, but this speed of game is a lot different than junior basketball. We are still adapting to being able to play at this speed of game consistently.

PN: What do you think an athlete’s breakfast should be?

JM: It definitely needs to be healthy and hit all the food groups. The night before it’s best to just carb up. The girls eat a lot of fruit for the natural sugars, and staying hydrated is important. They drink a lot of water because even though we have a small team, there are still a lot of winter viruses going around and it helps to stay healthy.

PN: Would your team like some people to cheer them on?

JM: You bet! We’ve actually had quite a few people coming out, we are excited about the continuing support of the community. The tournament starts Friday at 2 p.m. and runs all day Saturday. There will be a lot of good basketball at our school.