Calumet Curling Club winds of the 2009 season

Another successful year for the Calumet Curling Club comes to a close, with our annual windup bonspiel. The bonspiel is played over the final week and this year’s A Final came down to a curling match between the Travis Kroening and Murray Griffiths rinks.

Travis Kroening’s team came out victorious and they were congratulated and rewarded with trophy mugs. A banquet was held after the games which was catered by Bob Hepp Catering and soon after the skating party began. Every year after the last curling game is played the rocks are taken off of the ice and all of the children lace of their skates to tear up the ice.

The children, under the watchful eyes of their parents and grandparents skate for hours and everyone else watches with joy and laughter.

The windup bonspiel is always something for everyone to enjoy, it is a night of curling, community and remembrances.

The curling results from this year’s bonspiel are as follows:

Club Champions are Skip Travis Kroening, Third Darwin Sim, Second, Duane Pritchard and Lead Brian Jansen. Second in the A Event was Skip Murray Griffiths, Third Adrian Swanson, Second, Elaine Groom and Lead Vangie Gray.

First in the B Event was Skip Danny Toth, Third, Lyle Norn, Second, Dwight Dufva and Lead Lorna Norn.

Second in the B Event was Skip, Blain Ravnsborg, Third, Kevin Riske, Second, Dwayne Riske and Lead Tim Johnson.

Little known facts about the Calumet Curling Rink. The first rocks were thrown at the Calumet Curling Rink in the winter of 1954. Rom inception the Calumet Curling Rink has been running strictly by volunteers, there are no paid positions and our membership is only $25 a year.

Although our curling season is shorter than most clubs in the area, we have curlers from our club who have participated in competitions of all levels.

We have sent curlers to the Northern Men’s playdowns, Northern Senior Men’s playdowns and have had several junior teams compete and win at the school level.

Although our curling rink may be small, it is mighty and this is all due to the dedication of our members. Unlike any other curling club in the area, we have members maintain the ice all season and their time and expertise is strictly volunteered. If you ever have a chance to come and curl at the Calumet Curling Club, it will be something that you will not soon forget. Once you have taken in the Calumet experience, you will want to return year after year.

The curling executive would like to extend a thank you to all of the members who so generously volunteered their time to the success of our curling rink. We look forward to seeing everyone next year for the 2010 curling season.

Baron Rink wins the 2009 Calumet Men’s Bonspiel

Another successful Calumet Men’s curling bonspiel this year. Every year we have 32 rinks sign up for a round of marathon curling. The two rinks competing for top spot were the Lionel Baron and Doug Amundsen teams out of the Ponoka Curling Club. The Lionel Baron rink took top honours this year.

The curling rink would like to extend their appreciation to all of the teams that came out to compete in this year’s bonspiel. We are also grateful to the members who generously donated their time, your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Curling results are as follows:

First in the A Event: Skip, Lionel Baron, Third, Dwayne Baron, Second, Danny Baron, and Lead, Bill Baron.

Second in the A Event: Skip, Doug Amundsen, Third, Don Pederson, Second, Greg Amundsen and Lead, Les Jaster.

Third in the A Event: Keith Kjenner rink from Calumet.

Fourth in the A Event: Rodney Jaffrey team from Bashaw.

First in the B Event was the Travis Kroening team from Calumet. Skip, Travis Kroening, Third, Darwin Sim, Second, Keith Pritchard and Lead, Ryan Bonnett.

Second in the B Event was Skip, Gordon Svenningsen, Third, Clint Kneeland, Second, Jason Svenningsen, Lead, Dalla Rock.

Second in the B Event was the Eric Bloomquist team from Calumet and Fourth in the B Event was the Tri-Haul team from Bashaw Curling Club.

First in the C Event was the Andrew team from Mirror. Skip, Kerry Andrew, Third, Chris Sergeant, Second, Ryan Andrew and Lead, Tyler Copeland (Pictured is Cody Clairmont). Second in the C Event was the Pederson rink from the Ponoka Curling Club. Skip, Steve Pederson, Third, Gerald McClafflin, Second, Dale Moench and Lead, James Kalin. Third in the C Event was the Murray Griffiths rink from Calumet and Fourth in the C Event was the Stan Carlson rink from Bashaw Curling Club.