CASAA track and field zone track and field results for Ponoka

Ponoka Secondary Campus (PSC) played host to track and field areas for Area 2 of the central zone Wednesday, May 20.

PSC’s Tess Pearman makes a long triple jump Wednesday

PSC’s Tess Pearman makes a long triple jump Wednesday

Ponoka Secondary Campus (PSC) played host to track and field areas for Area 2 of the central zone Wednesday, May 20.

The top two competitors at areas will compete in the zones challenge in Red Deer May 27 and the top two competitors from zones will head to Lethbridge for provincials on Friday, June 5 and 6.

A small number of students from PSC and St. Augustine Catholic School competed in the areas challenge with a handful clearing their way to zones.

PSC athletic director Jody McElroy said that while there were not a large number of students from PSC who competed, the majority of them placed in the top four of their categories. For those that did make it to zones, she praised their efforts.

“Those girls (Sarah Morin, Tess Pearman, Skye Whitford, Neesha Soosay and Delaney Brachman) and Levi (Robinson) all deserve it,” said McElroy.

As PSC is one of the few high schools with a racing track, the school is hosting several track and field challenges including a PSC junior high track meet Thursday, May 28 and a Wolf Creek Schools track meet Tuesday, June 2.

St. Augustine Catholic School athletic director Adam Bowie was pleased with Isaiah Bott’s performance who won the 100-metre dash. Teaming up with Alix Mac High School, Bott also helped win the intermediate boys 4×100 relay.

“He will therefore be moving on in those two events. Our other athletes competed well and represented our school with pride,” said Bowie.

Here are the top three results for each category where St. Augustine Catholic School students or PSC students placed in the top two spots. In some events only two teams or athletes competed:

Girls 200 Meter Dash Junior

• Maddison Kendall, Ecole Secondaire Lacombe Composite

• Sarah Morin, Ponoka Secondary Campus

• Edith Van Ginkel, West Central High School

Girls 400 Meter Dash Junior

• Teagan Sullivan, Ecole Secondaire Lacombe Composite

• Tess Pearman, Ponoka Secondary Campus

Girls 4×100 Meter Relay Junior

• Ecole Secondaire Lacombe Composite, Rylee Frank, Maddison Kendall, Samantha Ahlstrom and Rachel Oscevski

• Ponoka Secondary Campus, Tess Pearman, Sarah Morin, Neesha Soosay and Skye Whitford

Girls Triple Jump Junior

• Tess Pearman, PSC

• Skye Whitford, PSC

• Meagan Leek, Caroline Community School

Girls Shot Put 4 kg Junior

• Katrina Andrews, Ecole Secondaire Lacombe Composite

• Sarah Morin, PSC

• Delaini Gilette, Eckville

Girls Javelin Throw 600g 220cm Junior

• Sarah Morin, PSC

• Rylee Frank, Ecole Secondaire Lacombe Composite

• Katie McMillen, Ecole Secondaire Lacombe Composite

Girls Discus Throw 1 kg Intermediate

• Delaney Brachman, PSC

• Courtney Petrie, Ecole Secondaire Lacombe Composite

• Nicole Kasner, Ecole Secondaire Lacombe Composite

Boys Javelin Throw 800g 260cm Junior

• Zach Montgomery, Ecole Secondaire Lacombe Composite

• Levi Robinson, PSC

• Mitchell Anderson, West Central High School

Boys 100 Meter Dash Intermediate

• Isaiah Bott, St. Augustine Catholic School

• Mike Lemme, Ecole Secondaire Lacombe Composite

• Kayle Adair, Bentley

Boys 4×100 Meter Relay Intermediate

•  St. Augustine combined with Alix Mac High School: Mason Fournel, Kyle Adair, Brian Castro and Isaiah Bott

• David Thompson High School: Kevin Szymanek, Tanner Steenbergen, Chris Maki and Tristan Agnais

• Central Alberta Christian High School: Jayden Doorbos, Geoff Luymes, Braden Olsen and David Verhoef