Gator Summer Swim season approaching

The 2009 Ponoka Gators Summer Swim season is fast approaching. The Gators summer swim club is a competitive swim club whose season begins at the beginning of May and runs through to the middle of August. A short season compared to some other team sports, but one that keeps kids physically active and allows them to meet plenty of new friends. The Gators swim club is open to kids 5 years and up with only one prerequisite and that is that they can swim one length of the our 25 meter pool unassisted. Speed is not a prerequisite but guaranteed by the end of the summer speed and confidence in the water will be part of your swimmers skill set.

The goal of the summer swim club is to provide a recreational program that introduces participants to competitive swimming. Children who have spent just one summer competing in Ponoka Gators become “water confident” and often quickly surpass the swimming skills of their parents. Swimmers learn the technical aspects of the four competitive swim strokes. Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Although competitive in nature the meaning of the term competitive is different for every swimmer. The emphasis on summer swim club is fun, personal best, team spirit and sportsmanship. Swimmers attend one-day swim meets in various towns throughout central Alberta and compete against other swimmers of their own age and ability.

Registration for the Ponoka Gator swim season is April 7 at the Ponoka Aquaplex from 7 pm to 9 p.m.

If your not sure whether or not your child would like to participate in summer swim club, the Ponoka Gators offer a two week trial period where the swimmer can participate and experience what its like to be a competitive swimmer. For two weeks the swimmer trains with the Gator Swim team. At the end of the swim trial we organize an inner club fun meet where the swimmer gets to put the efforts of those two weeks of training to good use and participate in actual timed races. Guaranteed when your child steps up on those starting blocks and the starter sounds, he or she and yourself as parents will be hooked as swim club participants. When the race is over and they have beaten their best time, they can hardly wait to go again.

For more information visit our website at or call Barry Grant @ 783-5329 or Mark Elliott @ 704-1747