Good year for Fish & Game

The regular yearly events are just about done for this 2013 year - just have the horn measuring in December before it is Christmas again.

The regular yearly events are just about done for this 2013 year – just have the horn measuring in December before it is Christmas again. This has been a good year for memberships as we have picked up quite a few new ones to add to last year’s total. Our Kids Camp was will attended this year. Lots of new things coming out to help our instructors in teaching our kids in gun safety and how to be more aware when you are in bear country. This is for anyone who maybe camping or hiking in areas where there are bears. You can check this out on It is well worth your time.

The U.S. is trying to implement some sort of gun control but are getting lots of opposition from different sources. The NRA being one of the strongest objectors. Gun rights supporters are pointing out, to the government, that they are thumbing their noses at gun owners constitutional rights to own guns. Just thought that was kind of interesting as we can relate to gun control ourselves. In Colorado, two senators who voted for gun control, were removed from office, which serves as an example of what can happen to lawmakers who don’t vote the way they were elected to vote by the people who put them in office.

You may already know that Bud Haynes and Co. merged with Wards Auctions of Edmonton, so from now on their gun auctions will be held in Edmonton.

By the way, we still teach Canadian Fire Arms courses and will be holding one on October 26th at the Ponoka Fish and Game clubhouse. Call Beth at 403-783-4608 for information.

Found a couple of interesting articles on climate change in the coming decades. It says the Provinces ecological regions will shift north, says the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute. We are looking at a future of change. They conclude that the average temperature will rise between 2 and 4 for degrees by the end of the 4 century. That is not all of the article but we need to wake up to the idea that we are looking a future of change.

There are going to be some prescribed burns northwest of Rocky Mountain House in the Chungo, Blackstone and Wapiabi areas. Anyone planning a fishing and hunting trip in that area should maybe check with S.R.D. before you drive out there. Could save you a wasted trip.

What a great fall we have had so far. Lots of farmers are through with their harvest already and looks like October is going to be good for a while so everyone can finish up their crops.

Time to go do a little hunting in the north country. Didn’t get many draws this year but it will be nice to get out with mother nature for a few days. If you never shoot anything it is still great to see all the different country and wild life.

Good luck to all you hunters. See you at horn measuring in December.

Yours in conservation,

Robert Greene

Publicity Chairman, Ponoka Fish and Game