Hockey great golfs in Ponoka

Hockey great Bobby Orr spent some time at Wolf Creek Golf Resort on Sept. 25. The former Bruin golfed

Hockey great Bobby Orr spent some time at Wolf Creek Golf Resort on Sept. 25. The former Bruin golfed

Two of the greatest sports came together at Wolf Creek Golf Course when former Boston Bruin hockey player, Bobby Orr, came to the course for a round of golf on Sept. 25.

Excitement and anticipation of meeting the star encompassed all the golfers and staff out at the course but one woman, in particular, had the time of her life.

Laura Witvoet, director of instruction for Wolf Creek, is a lifelong-diehard admirer of Orr and could not wait to meet him.

“I knew for a month and couldn’t say anything,” said Witvoet. “The days leading up to it were really nerve-wracking but the people at Wolf Creek told him beforehand how big of a fan I am and he made me feel at ease right away.”

Witvoet, who is known to have Orr’s number four on her golf bag, golfed with Orr for the entire day and says that although she was nervous meeting him, in no time they were giving each other high-fives and joking back and forth.

“We had a great time, he was so much fun and a really nice guy,” she said. “By the time that he left, it felt like we were really good friends.”

Witvoet also brought out some items she had kept throughout the years and revealed to Orr an autograph she received from him in 1972 when she was in his fan club which he was very impressed with.

Witvoet and Orr mainly stayed on one hole and met with other golfers when they arrived. Both teed off in a friendly competition and whoever’s golf ball was closest, the golfers could choose to use it.

“There were 160 golfers out that day and everybody knew of him,” said Witvoet. “Some were getting out of rotation just to come and meet him.”

Witvoet says that Orr is about a six handicap and is a pretty good golfer.

ATB Mastercard placed signs at every hole showcasing Orr’s great accomplishments during his hockey career including Hall of Fame, statistics and awards which, Witvoet says, Orr is very modest about.

“He is such a legend and all that he accomplished is really amazing,” she said. “He has kept a pretty low profile and is humble about it all.”

Orr also enjoyed the location and the course itself and commented on how impressed he was with Wolf Creek.

Witvoet says that, not including her wedding, golfing with Orr was the most amazing day of her life.

“He was everything I thought he was going to be and more, from the moment he came to the time he left. It’ll be a long time until my feet touch the ground, we were so lucky,” she said. “It was just an absolutely perfect day at Wolf Creek.”