Hunting season continues for members

Ponoka Fish and Game hunting season update, plus the announcement of the popular horn measuring.

Hunting season is upon us again.

Steve Tattrie and I got antelope draws for the first time in 12 years. Off to the southeast we went as we had trophy license to fill. We have hunted draw zones before but things have changed a lot in twelve years since we were there.

In one place where there used to be three large herds of antelope, there was not one to be seen. It had been fenced off since we were there last and all we saw was lots of cattle. This is all Crown land.

We had to go a lot further south on our zone before we saw any antelope at all. We did not see any trophy bucks anywhere we went and we covered lots of the zone we were allowed to hunt.

The bad winter we had four or five years back, sure hurt the population but looks like they are recovering quite well. We did see elk and moose on the prairie which we did not see twelve years ago in that country. Looks like they are doing real well in the wide open spaces.

One thing we did see was thousands of geese every day. They were feeding in fields of winter wheat. It was a great sight to see.

While hunting one day, who did we run into some of our own club members. We did not know they were down there and they did not know we were in that part of the country.

Our club worked a casino in Red Deer in October and as usual we had a snow storm. Seems like every time we are scheduled for one this happens to us. Guess we are going to see if we can get one in the summer instead.

Our membership is more than 800 members.

Just a word to the wise, when you are going to the range, sign in properly and sign out when you leave. Follow the rules as posted or lose your privileges. We all must abide by the rules or we could cause the club to lose our shooting range. We do not want the fault of a few to cause the loss of privilege for the many.

Remember that horn measuring is on Dec. 4 at the clubhouse.

Hope all have a good hunting season and get some great trophy size horns.

The year is winding down and the first thing you know it is going to be the holiday season so have a good one.

We will be holding our nominations for executives, starting at our December meeting. Any member, who is eligible, may let their name stand for election if they wish.

Good luck to all, see you soon.

Robert Greene

Publicity Chairman, Ponoka Fish and Game Association