Mecca Glen Pride boys’ team marking their latest title which they earned after their 23rd straight win.

Mecca Glen Pride boys’ team marking their latest title which they earned after their 23rd straight win.

Mecca Glen Pride win more titles and bring more pride

Mecca Glen boys and girls Pride basketball teams have unstoppable season.

The community of the small Mecca Glen school is full of pride these days as both the boys’ and girls’ Pride basketball teams have proven to be unstoppable this season and they did this with rather short benches and practising in a much smaller gym than the ones they played games in.

Together, they managed to earn five of six possible banners that will be hung proudly in the school’s gym. Most recently, both teams won their CWAJAHAA tournaments last weekend, explained coach Adam Troitsky. He coaches both teams and lead them to CWAJAHAA wins.

“For the boys this capped off a run of 23 straight wins. They really finished the season strong, passing the ball well and making sure that we always got great shots,” said Troitsky.

Each game the boys’ Pride opponents couldn’t get close:

First game against Gus Wetter (Castor) on Friday night and won 85-22;

Second game against the host team, Bentley, on Saturday morning and won 69-35;

Finals game against Erskine with a resounding win at 83-42.

This was the first year Mecca Glen was able to win three championship banners in a season. Troitsky said he is proud of their efforts.

Not to be outdone, the girls came away from the tournament winning all three of their games. Lead by the Grade 9s, Troitsky says this was the team’s second CWAJAHAA championship in three years.

“I am excited for the girls, as they have learned so much throughout the season and developed into a great team,” said Troitsky.

The finals game proved the closest for the girls’ Pride:

The first game the girls trounced Caroline on Friday night and won 54-14;

Their second game against Erskine on Saturday morning proved almost as strong where they won 42-21;

In the finals game they played Halkirk on Saturday, and this game proved the toughest. They won a close 41-39.

In an interview Troitsky said Halkirk is a strong team, also with experienced players and coaches who have competed at CWAJAHAA before.

For both his teams he credits experience as a key to winning. “They’ve been to playoffs before. We have some good veterans on both teams.”

The Pride has had a strong season overall with wins on both teams proving they were the team to beat. Troitsky was able to manage both and said the goal is to coach the teams next year as well.