Now that’s close: Devon Peterson

Now that’s close: Devon Peterson

Minor hockey teams gather wins and losses in the final stretch

As the minor hockey season draws nearer to its close the Ponoka and Maskwacis teams continue bringing in a mix of wins and losses.

As the minor hockey season draws nearer to its close the Ponoka and Maskwacis teams continue bringing in a mix of wins and losses.

Atom Tier 1 Maskwacis Atom A Chiefs lost their Feb. 9 away game against the Red Deer Sheraton Atoms, 16-4.

Kihew Lee scored twice and Jason Makinaw Jr. and Damian Omeasoo nabbed one goal each.

Atom Tier 3 Ponoka Atom A won 4-2 during their Feb. 6 game against the Eckville Atom B Eagles.

Levi Busat earned a hat trick and Braedan Brouilette brought the number to four.

On Feb. 9 the Ponoka team beat Bentley 10-2 in a home game. Levi Busat scored four times while Colter Bresee, Gavin Allen-Prefontaine and Braeden Brouilette all scored twice.

Atom Tier 5 Maskwacis Atom B beat the Lacombe Atom C Rockets in a Feb. 8 away game, 8-5.

Alex Soosay scored three times, Kye Minde and Geryn Bull scored twice and Xain Swampy earned one goal.

The following day Maskwacis beat the Ponoka Atom B team 4-3 in a home game.

For Maskwacis Kye Minde, Alysik Buffalo, Geryn Bull and Kole Rain-Wolfe were the team’s scorers. On the Ponoka side Ashton Bandet scored twice and Max Underhill brought the final number to three.

Peewee Tier 1 Ponoka Peewee A lost 8-5 against the Bentley Peewee A Bruins.

Jared Bussiere, Jayden Nokohoo, Reagan Rabbit, Owen Feragen and Aiden Gratton all scored once during the Feb. 7 home game.

The Mackwacis Peewee A Chiefs lost 13-3 on Feb. 8 to the Thunderstars Peewee A team on Feb. 8.

Carson Baptiste scored twice and Nolan Twins scored once.

Peewee Tier 4 Ponoka Peewee B lost 11-1 against Sedgwick Peewee, Feb. 8. Kaiden Thomson scored the team’s sole goal.

The next day Ponoka lost again to Bentley, 9-2. Kaiden Thomas and Travis Hyink both scored once.

Bantam Tier 1 Maskwacis Bantam A beat the Rocky Raiders 15-2 during their Feb. 7 away game.

Nimkees Bailey-Lee earned five goals, Chevazz Rabbit and Dylan Soosay scored twice, and Jakobi Omeasoo, Tyrone Potts, Trentin Wolfe and William Littlechild each scored once.

Bantam Tier 2 Ponoka Bantam lost to the Rimbey Bantam Renegades on Feb. 7, 5-3. Cooper Jones scored all the goals for the team.

On Feb. 8 Stettler 2-1 defeated Ponoka in a home game. Noah Spelrem was the single scorer.

The following day they won their away game against Camrose, 4-2. Joshua Vold, Sam Neath, Noah Spelrem and Rian vanDerwesthuizen all scored once.

Midget Tier 1 Ponoka Midget Wolves won their Feb. 7 home game against Stettler, 4-3.

Jared Davis and James Jansen both scored once, Kellyn Pritchard scored twice.

Midget Tier 3 Ponoka Midget B beat West Country midget Chiefs 6-3 on Feb. 7.

Jarret Henderson, Pierre Clemmer, James Lea and Shawn Wilton each scored once while Shane Epp scored twice.

On Feb. 8 Ponoka tromped Innisfail Fourlane Flyers in a 12-6 home game. Jarret Henderson scored four times, Braeden Korchiski and Pierre Clemmer scored twice, and James Lea, Shane Epp, Lane Jones and Shawn Wilton each scored once.

The next day the Ponoka B team also beat Red Deer Can Pro Hockey, 2-1. Shane Epp and Jarret Henderson scored once each.

Midget Tier 4 Maskwacis Midget B faced on against the Rocky Midget B team on Feb. 7. Neither team scored.

On Feb. 9 Maskwacis lost to the Sylvan Lake Midget B2 Lakers 17-4 in an away game. Larenz Saddleback scored twice while Jacobi Buffalo and Larenzo Ermineskin both scored once.

Atom Female Maskwacis girls lost 16-0 to Camrose in a Feb. 8 away game.

On Feb. 9 the girls lost 7-4 in another away game against Stettler. Jayliese Swampy-Montour scored three times and Taylynn Littlepoplar scored once.

Peewee Female Maskwacis Peewee Female team was defeated 7-1 by the Sylvan Lake Atom/Peewee Female Lakers on Feb. 8. Shelisha Baptiste scored the team’s only goal during the away game.

Bantam/Midget Maskwacis Midget Females lost 7-1 against Leduc during a Feb. 7 away game. Kelli Ward was the only scorer for Maskwacis.

Lacoka Midget Female Rockets beat the Leduc Midget team in an away game, 3-1. Danica Poison, Kallie Nelson and Robyn Arnold each scored once.

On Feb. 9 the Maskwacis Bantam team lost 16-0 to the Sylvan Lake Bantam/Midget Lakers in an away game.