Olson foursome takes over top spot in Super League curling

Week 4 games, played Nov. 24 at the Ponoka Culture and Recreation Complex, resulted in changes atop the standings for the Agro Ponoka/Ponoka Ford Super Curling League.

All of the winners picked up a majority of the $80 up for grabs in each game.

While the Martin Sherrer team remained in first place in the A Pool, John Olson took over first in Pool B and the overall lead.

Pool A action saw the Steve Pederson rink take $52 from Agro Ponoka, G & T Custom Farming continued its winning ways by tripling up the take on the Lionel Baron team $60 to $20, and Sherrer slid past Ponoka Ford by a convincing $58 to $22.

In Pool B, Olson opened up a $30 lead over Clayton Morrow in the battle for top spot with a $64 to $16 tally over the Broderson foursome, which dropped to third. The Morrow team stayed on the winning path by taking $54 from Stan Baliant, and Dwight Dufva got past Holly Riske by a score of $56 to $24.

Pool A standings after four weeks: 1. Sherrer (3-1) $216, 2. G & T Custom Farming (3-1) $210, 3. Pederson (3-1) $160, 4. Agro Ponoka (1-3) $152, 5. Baron (2-1) $136, 6. Ponoka Ford (0-4) $86.

Pool B standings: 1. Olson (3-1) $230, 2. Morrow (3-1) $200, 3. Broderson (2-2) $186, 4. Baliant (2-2) $156, 5. Riske (1-3) $118, 6. Dufva (1-3) $70.

Next up… The Agro Ponoka/Ponoka Ford Super Curling League resumes action Dec. 1 at 7 p.m. at the Ponoka Culture and Recreation Complex.