Hailey Huchkowski scores Lacoka girls’ first goal against Stettler on Saturday

Hailey Huchkowski scores Lacoka girls’ first goal against Stettler on Saturday

Peewee Lacoka girls win in style over Stettler

Girls peewee squad beats rival 6-1 in impressive fashion

Peewee Lacoka girls have their sights set on league championship and with Saturday’s impressive 6-1 win over one of their main rivals Stettler has helped them boost confidence and solidify their position in the standings.

The game at the Ponoka Culture and Recreation Centre on Jan. 9 was dominated by Lacoka girls who made it hard for their visitors to control and move the puck throughout 60 minutes of play. Lacombe-Ponoka joint team got on the board early in the first period with a short-range shot by Hailey Huchkowski and they never looked back. Cassandra Kilnger scored twice and Cassandra Grabo, Karlee Feragen and Tori Christiansen added one each to the tally.

With the majority of their players coming from Ponoka, Peewee Lacoka girls currently sit at the third place in the league standings but only due to goal difference as they have 16 points just like the second place Stettler team.

Coach Ron Kilnger said the girls were doing pretty good so far. “They are keeping up well with the basics,” he said.

Practicing twice a week, taking turns between Ponoka and Lacombe, Peewee Lacoka girls now look to catching up with Warburg girls who stand at the top with 18 points.

Klinger, who is in his second year of coaching the peewee girls, says his team should continue to work hard. “If we keep working hard, there is no reason why we shouldn’t win (the championship)”.

But he added “Having fun is the big thing, they should also have fun.”

In other minor hockey news Midget Lackoka girls won over Camrose 2-0 in an away game on Saturday, Jan. 9 with goals scored by Danika Polson and Paige Polson.