Terry Jones (right) presents Graham

Terry Jones (right) presents Graham

Ponoka Stampede Team Penning and Sorting results

Here are the results of the June 28-30 competition.

Nine Sorting June 28, 2014 Final

First: Scott Stewart and David Hueppelsheuser

Second: David Hueppelsheuser and Larry Cressman

Third: Jerry Houghton and Jody Steenbergen

Seven Sorting June 28, 2014 Final

First: Heather Bowing and Jack Richardson

Second: Larry Cressman and Lena Houghton

Third: David Hueppelsheuser and Rod Wilson

Five Sorting June 28, Final

Daren Schwieger and Brad Richardson

Second: Larry Bartz and Perry Kelemen

Third: Linda Meakin and Cindy Weir

12 Shoot Out June 29, 2014

First: Deana Adams, Doug Ohlmann and Carmon Reich

Second: Will Hanson, Renee Gareau and Brad Richardson

Nine Penning June 29, 2014 Final

First: Scott Fraser, Ken Hildebrandt and Larry Bartz

Second: Naomi Fraser, Scott Fraser and Gary Babcook

Third: Larry Bartz, Hildebrandt and Amy Corey

Seven Penning June 29,

First: Larry Bartz, Danielle Fenske and Patty Hawrish

Second: Janice Benoit, Maurice Benoit and Dennis Oliver

Third: Dale Lattery, Jim Gilbert and Steve Vallance

Open Penning June 30, 2014 Final

First: Graham Armstrong, Justin Armstrong and Russell Armstrong

Second: Will Hanson, Lesley Marsh and Kurt Robson

Third: Will Hanson, Preston Fleming and Ronnie Fleming

Ten Penning June 30, 2014 Final

First: Naomi Fraser, Daren Hawrish and Brenda Gilbert

Second: Jerry Houghton, Ron Marcinek and Jack Richardson

Third: Ron Marcinek, Natasha Keith and Brad Richardson