Editorial: Toys R Us wasn’t killed by the internet

Giant toy store is author of own misfortune, online shopping not to blame

Editorial: The gays, the gays, what are we going to do about the gays?

We need to celebrate that which makes us different, in this week’s editorial

EDITORIAL: There needs to be a cap in top executive salaries

Fighting over minimum wage is the wrong focus, in this week’s Ponoka News editorial

Orr: It’s time to be proactive in area crime watches

There’s many opportunities for rural town and county folks looking to help with crime watch

Editorial: Minimum wage increase is a Band Aid fix to a global problem

Businesses have ways to work around the minimum wage increase

Editorial: Minimum wage increase a boon and curse, part one

Only with fundamental changes to corporate laws will minimum wage increase help, part 1 in a series

Ponoka Warriors Volleyball
Flames destroy pickup in Ponoka
Train versus car results in minor injuries
2018 Alberta Oval Ice Racing

EDITORIAL: Sense of excitement for what’s to come in 2018

There seems to be an air of rejuvenation in the Town of Ponoka

Just An Observation: Putting the cold into some bitter perspective

Facing the biting facts on frozen severe temperatures on daily life

Just An Observation: What’s with all of the negativity in Alberta?

More fun, happiness and excitement is needed among the population

Editorial: Billions of dollars involved, and they call them ‘amateurs’

NCAA football organization chased by antitrust accusations

  • Dec 27th, 2017

Just An Observation: Olympics — Time to move on?

With all of the backstabbing, side-deals and outright cheating, is there a need to keep the Olympics

Just An Observation: Stigma against mental health must change

Finding ways to help with mental health stresses, especially for first responders, is a must

OPINION: Slave trade a blight on humanity’s progress

There’s always something that can be done to combat issues such as slavery

Editorial: Community theatre thriving in central Alberta

This winter be sure to take in one of the many community theatre productions

Editorial: What is it going to take?

Just An Observation — How much more will have to happen before people listen?

Just An Observation – Moving forward, forgetting the past in a couple ways

Politics and agriculture have more in common than you think in this week’s column

Editorial: Voters set the stage for the Town of Ponoka

Ponoka voters spoke loud and clear what they would like to see in town for the next four years

Editorial: You know the Ponoka candidates, now vote

Now is the best time to exercise your democratic right to vote

Just An Observation – Tragedies can hit anywhere, anytime

With it being Fire Prevention Week in Alberta, this week’s column shows preparation can help everyone