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Change of location for Ponoka’s Greyhound bus station

Taking the bus is an easy and affordable alternate means of transportation that has become increasingly popular over the years

Van stolen from Clubhouse

Staff and members of the Ponoka Rising Sun Clubhouse were met with a terrible surprise on the morning of Jan. 5

The rise and fall of gas prices

The prices we pay at the pumps have been steadily decreasing over the last few months, but can we expect to see a continuation of the trend in the new-year?

Resolutions for a happy and healthy 2009

A new year signifies new goals, new challenges and new beginnings. It’s a time for reflection, but it is also time to plan ahead for a better year. Implementing small changes can build self-esteem, lead to new friendships and even help you live a fuller, healthier life. The following three simple resolutions will have you feeling healthy and happy in 2009.
Finance Minister seeks input from Canadians

Finance Minister seeks input from Canadians

Canada is in a period of challenging economic times. We understand that many Canadians are worried about their jobs, savings and pensions.
Ponoka celebrates another successful Community Christmas

Ponoka celebrates another successful Community Christmas

On Christmas Eve volunteers gathered at the Ponoka Kinsmen Center to set up tables, tablecloths, place settings, centre pieces, treats, a craft table, numerous beautiful decorations, a performance stage and more

World developments shape New Year’s resolutions

Recent elections, an economic downturn, fluctuating gas prices, and rising food costs are just some of the current events that will influence Canadians’ New Year’s resolutions in 2009.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency issues safety hazard alert

he Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is warning the public not to consume assorted flavours of Three Fish brand Bidrico coconut/fruit jelly with Konjac powder, a mini cup dessert described below, as it poses a choking hazard.
Ponoka student gets global experience

Ponoka student gets global experience

A young Ponoka woman was offered the opportunity to experience the world on a large level over the course of the summer. Sarah Kraft attended a unique business program from June 28 to Aug. 9 to expand her horizons in life and in business.

SIN and birth registration easier for parents with newborns

Alberta parents now have an easier time when it comes to birth registration for their newborns and SIN applications. The province of Alberta has made it so that these parents can now use a single application form to register their child’s birth and apply for their child’s Social Insurance Number at the same time.